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  • Inviting you to be Inspired by the Ocean

Inviting you to be Inspired by the Ocean

Charmalot User Conference

The towering flames of a bonfire rise against the backdrop of a pristine Pacific beach.

The autumnal nip of the breezy ocean-side, the fireside smells, and the crackling s’mores gently soothe the intensity of the conversations.

“We can measure heart rate, perfusion, and oxygen saturation without any sensors on the patient.”

“We are on our way to reaching all Montanans and more of rural America with access to psychiatric care.”

“We have our AI assistant write our chart notes.”

The chatter continues into the sunset. While discussions on physician burnout, lack of access to specialist medical care, insurance payment delays, and other woes are being talked about everywhere, the solutions and innovations of tomorrow that solve the everyday obstacles of healthcare, productivity solutions, and the well-being of patients, dominate the conversations at the evening bonfire chats of Charmalot on the beaches of Monterey, California.

While the setting sun is a perfect backdrop to the day’s conversations, the mornings begin with the big questions in medical care. Covering topics such as “A Doctor’s Race to Turn Hope into Action” or the “Discussion of the Future of AI in Healthcare,” leaders and sought-after speakers fill the lecture halls with words of inspiration, painting a picture of the landscape of bleeding-edge discoveries and inventions in the medical world.

Speaking of cutting-edge inventions, some of the most impressive innovations come from the world around CharmHealth. While breakthroughs emerge from the fingertips of our product teams, many more arise from entrepreneurs who seek a novel solution to a pressing problem, scientists who hope to solve unsolved mysteries in their labs, companies that test novel drugs in clinical trials, students who build apps in their dorm rooms, or non-profits and philanthropists who are looking to change the world. All of these bright minds belong to one venue and one ecosystem, the CharmHealth Innovation Challenge: the confluence of innovators, thought-leaders, investors, and partners in Health Tech.

The CharmHealth world converges around Charmalot, not only to share novel ideas or to win accolades but with a mission to make things happen. Every day of a healthcare provider begins and ends with practice management, charting, or processing payments. This is the axle that turns the wheels of a medical enterprise. A large portion of Charmalot is dedicated to education, product training, and problem-solving to help medical practices run as smoothly and as productively as possible and to make sure everyone gets paid for their work. The success of CharmHealth depends on the success of those on our platform.

And for that reason, every year, we come together at Charmalot. We come together to share our successes, solve our problems, and learn from the crew that made CharmHealth. We are not just another conference with speakers and booths. We recognize the problems in healthcare delivery and provide a platform, expert training, and exposure to a universe of solutions in our ecosystem. Along the way, we are inspired by leaders in the field, applaud the brilliant insights of our inventors, bring investors with funding to propel our ideas, and celebrate our collective work. We come to connect with all the people who, like parts of a well-oiled machine, make CharmHealth, our marketplace, and our partners, help run our practices.

This year, we meet, relax under the Pacific sun, take in the ocean breeze, savor delicious food, dance to live music, and, most importantly, equip and empower ourselves to bring better health and wellness to all.
Inviting you to smell the ocean by the crackling bonfire,at Charmalot 2023, and go home inspired.

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  • Pramila Srinivasan PhD

    CEO and Founder of MedicalMine Inc.


    Pramila Srinivasan graduated from Purdue University with a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1997. She founded MedicalMine Inc in 2007, inspired by a desire to enable medical establishments, large and small, to access cutting-edge technologies to assist in clinical care and documentation. Building on that success, she founded CharmHealth out of a desire to provide superior cloud-based solutions for practice management, clinical care and patient engagement.


    Prior to this, Dr. Srinivasan had worked in research and development in areas of multimedia signal processing algorithms and medical data neural network classification, security algorithms, and speech recognition in startup companies that developed technologies for leading consumer electronics products.
    She also serves as President and Founder of The BRAIN Foundation, a California non-profit with the mission to accelerate development of FDA approved therapeutics to benefit individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders.

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