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Integrated Solution

A single comprehensive solution consisting of EHR, Practice Management, TeleHealth, Patient Engagement, Medical Billing and RCM. Great for insurance, cash based and hybrid practices.

Ambulatory EHR

Mobile Ready

A slew of mobile apps enable touch readiness, accessible through mobile and tablet devices.

Healthcare Mobile Apps


Intuitive user interface designed to augment your practice workflow. Let's you focus on getting your job done.

Patient Self Checkin Kiosk


Go A la Carte. Featuring a pay-per-use model, choose the solution you want. No hidden fees. No extra charges. No lock in through multi-year contracts.

Dr. Jill Dickerson
Vibrant Kids Pediatrics

I would definitely recommend CharmHealth EHR! It will save you money and time, and it's easier to use than anything else out there...

Dr. Petrie
Advantage Vaccination Services

I would absolutely, hands down recommend CharmHealth EHR! They are highly responsive to customer feedback, and really "get it" when it comes to user experience...