Bariatrics / Weight Loss EHR


As obesity rates are increasing across the world, associated diseases like Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Bone and Joint problems are on the rise. Bariatricians help these patients by treating them to improve their existing conditions and help them to achieve the required weight loss, thereby the risk of diseases they may develop are under control.

CharmHealth EHR helps bariatricians and weight loss clinics to record and maintain the health records of their patients and helps them in drawing the necessary treatment plans. CharmHealth EHR is ONC-ACB certified for meaningful use. It is bariatrician friendly and web based that enables you to access patient records anytime, anywhere.

With Charm, things have been super simple, super easy to use very straight forward. You can just hop onto it and you know forget training; you can literally figure it out as you as you use it. It's that simple.

Joseph E. Sleiman M.D.
  • Bariatric Screening Forms

    Questionnaires and Screening forms can be shared with patients, to allow them to log their daily weight, exercises, and diet which are shared back to the bariatricians. Based on this, they can suggest corrective measures to assist patients in their weight loss.

  • Bariatric Templates

    CharmHealth EHR provides ready-to-use templates for weight loss clinics, so you can start using CharmHealth EHR right away with minimal customization. You can also create your own bariatric templates customized to your practice.

  • Bariatric Progress Notes

    Progress notes can be written for each session, where bariatricians can document their diagnosis and their observations about the patient. SOAP notes can be standardized, so that all the staff members document the same way.

  • Electronic Claims

    CharmHealth EHR provides a comprehensive billing module with which, payment tracking, claims processing, etc. can be performed in a much easier way. After each visit, claims can be generated easily and transmitted online to the clearing houses. Claims are scrubbed thereby reducing billing errors and improves turnaround times with reduced denials.

  • Lab Integration

    CharmHealth EHR is integrated with lab chains like LabCorp, Quest, etc., thereby allowing you to send your lab orders online and receive lab results as and when they are available. This helps you to take informed decisions on the medications to be prescribed for weight loss.

  • Video Consult

    Most of the times obese patients feel comfort at their home and such people can be treated remotely with the help of remote video consultations. This also helps patients to feel at ease and get consulted in their comfortable environment.