Case Studies

CharmHealth EHR in Functional Health and Wellness Practice

Dr. Dawda Pouncy Functional Health and Wellness


At Functional Health & Wellness, we take a unique approach by considering all bodily systems when treating a disease. We use leading edge diagnostic testing to examine all bodily systems so we can treat the root cause of the issue.

Previous EHR Experience

Previously we tried other EHR systems that were too complicated to run and didn’t give us much freedom such as correcting errors we make.

About your Practice

We see a variety of patients seeking natural therapies to really solve their condition versus just controlling it.

Discovering CharmHealth EHR

We chose Charm because of its features and because we could really customize it for our practice. We can communicate with our patients through the patient portal very easily and we also take advantage of being able to customize our own templates.

Experience integrating with CharmHealth EHR

Integrating with Charm was very simple. We easily got set up and any time we have a question or issue, we always get the best help.

Life after Implementation

After using Charm for some time now, we wouldn’t change our HER system to anything else. We find it very easy to run and work with.