Integrative Medicine EMR


Integrative Medicine or Holistic care refers to comprehensive care that treats patient's health and wellness based on diet, lifestyle, exercise, supplements etc.

CharmHealth EHR is ideally suited to integrative medicine. It allows providers such as nutritionists, dietitians, acupuncturists, therapists, etc. to define their custom templates according to the treatment needs of the patient. Being web based, it allows you to access your patient's records anytime with mobile devices with internet access. Both prescriptions and subscriptions can be included in the treatment plan and the system include Drug-Herb interaction databases. The PHR and Kiosk application are ideally suited for longer intake forms and the patient portal includes extensive personal health data management tools.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling

    With the holistic care approach, patients are treated by various providers within the practice. CharmHealth EHR allows you to publish the provider's schedules through the patient portal and the practice website, thus enabling patients to book appointment with different staff for their regular therapy sessions.

  • Practice Templates

    CharmHealth EHR provides customizable templates for physicians to ease up the consultation process and helps them to focus on the patient during the encounter.

  • Manage Practice Inventory

    Practices often have an in-house inventory of items such as Vaccines, OTC drugs, supplements, lab kits, etc. to be dispensed to patients. Charm Inventory module helps you to manage and control stock inventory at optimal levels and alerts you when stocks go down below threshold levels.

  • Faster Patient CheckIn

    With the CharmHealth EHR's checkin kiosk, patients can update their personal details, insurance information, medical history and fill out pre-appointment questionnaires, which can greatly reduce the patients' waiting time.

  • Sticky Notes

    Physicians often want to remind themselves of certain key points about a patient which they can jot down in a sticky note. Charm Sticky Notes is an electronic version of physical sticky note, that can be stuck to a patient record and can be seen when patient comes for a visit.

  • Referral Management

    Referral letters can be generated easily and issued to the patients, including chief complaints, visit summary, Rx recommendations, etc. Referral content can be customized to include more information that they would like to share with the referral provider through the use of placeholders in report configuration.

  • Patient Portal

    CharmHealth EHR offers an best-in-class collaboration platform which enables you to communicate and engage with your patients post the office visit. Patients can request appointments, track health vitals, schedule follow up visits and interact with the care team by sending messages securely.

  • e-Prescription

    CharmHealth EHR e-prescription feature allows you to electronically prescribe to over 70000 pharmacies across the USA. A comprehensive drug database also allows you to verify drug-to-drug, drug-to-food, drug-to-allergy interactions before the medications are prescribed, through the interaction system. Patients can also request for refills online, which can be processed centrally from CharmHealth EHR.