Internal Medicine EMR


CharmHealth EHR is designed to satisfy the needs of internists to provide specialized care and treatment for people with multiple complaints that are chronic in nature. As an internist, your high volume practice challenges you to improve upon your practice workflow to improve patient outcomes. CharmHealth EHR provides you with smooth practice workflow management (including electronic prescription and labs), that helps enhance your relationship with your patients, and continuity of care.

CharmHealth EHR is ONC-ATCB certified for meaningful use for ambulatory practices. Being web-based, it allows you to access your patient records anytime, anywhere with the help of mobile or desktop devices with internet access.

  • Access to Critical Patient Data

    With CharmHealth EHR, you have access to the past medical history of your patients, their active medications, health vitals, allergies, etc. You can also share pre-appointment questionnaires to the patients, making your appointment time more efficient.

  • Internal Medicine Templates

    CharmHealth EHR provides ready-to-use templates for internal medicine, so you can start using CharmHealth EHR right away with minimal customization. CharmHealth EHR also releases new internal medicine templates from time to time, which are readily available for use, the next time you login.

  • Image Annotation

    When patients present their x-ray films or scanned images during the consultation, you can upload them into CharmHealth EHR instantly and the image annotation tools allow you to mark problematic areas in the image.

  • Customizable Decision Trees

    As you treat complex medical conditions, customizable decision trees can be used in templates to drill down to details about the important annotations in the chart.

  • Specific ICD and CPT Codes

    You can create templates with ICD and CPT codes that relates to your area of specialization. This helps to code your diagnoses and capture the charges to quickly generate super bills.

  • Lab Integration

    CharmHealth EHR is integrated with lab chains, thus allowing you to check for the lab results as and when they are available. This helps you to take informed decisions on the medications to be prescribed.

  • Claims Processing

    CharmHealth EHR provides a comprehensive billing module with which, payment tracking, claims processing, etc. can be performed in a much easier way. PIF files can be downloaded as a batch and can be uploaded to insurance agencies in bulk. It also allows for tracking of claim status.

  • Patient Portal

    Patients can request appointments online and interact with the care team by sending messages securely. It also allows them to track health vitals, appointments and healthcare events.