Gynecology EMR


CharmHealth EHR is designed to satisfy the needs of gynecologists who deal with treatment of medical problems with female reproductive system in pregnant and non-pregnant women.

CharmHealth EHR is ONC-ATCB certified for meaningful use for ambulatory setup. It allows you to define various custom templates according to treatment needs. Being web based, it allows you to access your patients' records anytime with mobile devices with internet access.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling

    CharmHealth EHR allows you to publish your schedules through the patient portal as well as your practice website. This enables patients to book appointments for their regular checkup visits.

  • OB / Gynecology EMR Templates

    CharmHealth EHR provides customizable templates to help you treat a wide variety of conditions in women.

  • LMP and Gestational Age

    CharmHealth EHR provides the ability to define custom vitals such as Menstral Period, Gestational Age, etc.

  • Image Annotation

    When patients present their x-ray films or scan images of their foetus, you can upload them into CharmHealth EHR instantly and the image annotation tools allows you to mark and comment on specific areas in the image.

  • Lab Tracking on the move

    CharmHealth EHR integrates itself with lab chains, thus allowing you to check for lab results as and when they are available.

  • Patient Portal

    Patients can request appointments online and interact with the care team by sending messages securely. It also allows them to track health vitals, appointments and healthcare events in the free patient portal.

  • Kiosk

    Simplify patient check-in process with iPad enabled Kiosk application. Patients can simply enter contact info, insurance info, fill up questionnaires before the encounter, thereby reducing overall wait-time.