Charm - PDMP Gateway Interface

CharmHealth EHR is now integrated with Appriss PMP Gateway service to show PDMP details of the patients within their EHR account.

Registering/On-boarding PDMP service for your practice:

As a first step, you should register your practice with Appriss PMP Gateway service to access State level PDMP data. Appriss will provide you the instructions to complete the PDMP registration process with the requested states.

On successful approval by State PDMP board, Appriss will assign a project manager to move ahead with the PDMP integration process with CharmHealth EHR. Appriss will send the PDMP access credentials and other integration details. On receiving the access credentials from Appriss, CharmHealth EHR will enable the PDMP service for your practice account.

PDMP Subscription Fee:

A one-time fee of $100 per provider is charged towards PDMP subscription. Apart from our charges, Appriss may charge for the PMP-EHR integration, if the state is not funding the PDMP program and for the additional NarxCare reports. We request our clients to check with Appriss for any such additional costs.

Registering with Appriss:

Appriss registration form is available at

Below details will have to be filled for the corresponding fields in the above form

  • Solution of Interest - PMP Gateway
  • Facility-Type Request - Practice
  • EMR Vendor Name - MedicalMine - CharmHealth EHR

We have also explained this registration/on-boarding process in CharmHealth EHR at Settings > Rx > PDMP