Pediatric EHR


CharmHealth Pediatric EHR greatly enhances clinic's efficiency and assists doctors in documenting and treating medical, developmental and behavioral conditions in children, apart from tracking wellness and immunization. CharmHealth EHR is ONC-ATCB certified for meaningful use for ambulatory setup. It is Pediatrician friendly and being web based, it allows you to access your patients' records anytime, anywhere with the help of mobile devices with internet access.

We started in 2013 and we've been with Charm in ever since. We are seeing a lot of growth in our practice. We have a blended practice of consultative and primary care. And starting in January, we're in a rollout of direct primary care option, especially for self pay and console patients. I think my biggest thing is just being able to reach out and go, Hey, this would be a nice feature. You know, I use it every day, all day long. And and we've used this as my fourth EHR that I've ever used in my practice or my medical career. Read Case Study

Dr. Jill Dickerson
Vibrant Pediatrics


  • Custom Pediatric Templates

    Charm works with licensed Pediatric SOAP Templates in addition to our pre-built pediatric SOAP templates to start off quickly with your consultation. You can further customize templates to suit the needs of your practice using the Template Builder

    AAP Bright Futures Templates
  • Vaccination Tracking

    It is easy to track vaccination/immunizations administered to your patients with well-defined statusus and change documentation. For each vaccination, you can track the CVX code, manufacturer, Lot No., dosage, date of administration, etc. With CharmHealth EHR, you can also schedule appointments for the next vaccination and patients can receive notifications about their next visit for vaccinations.

    Pediatric Vaccination Chart
  • Growth Chart

    Growth Charts help pediatricians in tracking child's growth over a period of time. With CharmHealth EHR, you can track height, weight, head circumference, BMI, etc. of each child against WHO/CDC standard percentiles.

    Pediatric Growth Chart
  • Track Developmental Milestones

    CharmHealth EHR allows you to track developmental milestones, the functional skills that the child needs to exhibit at certain age range. It includes gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive, social skills, speech development, etc.

    Pediatric Developmental Milestones
  • Manage Behavioral Conditions

    CharmHealth EHR helps you to manage and track behavioral conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Spasms, Bruxism, etc., where early recognition and intervention are crucial for best outcomes.

    Pediatric Behavioral Conditions
  • Immunization Registry

    CharmHealth EHR allows you to export the immunization history of each patient as standard HL7 mesages, which can be uploaded to the immunization registry. Charm also readily integrates with key public registries. Contact us to know the list of supported registries and ways to integrate with the registry of your state.

    Pediatric Immunization Registry
  • Online Appointment Scheduling

    CharmHealth EHR lets you to publish your staff's schedule through the patient portal as well as your practice website. This enables patients to book appointments on their own including prepaid appointments, thus improving front office productivity.

    Pediatric Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Portal

    Patients can request appointments online and interact with the care team by sending messages securely. It also allows them to track child's vaccination schedules, growth chart, seamlessly through the portal.

    Pediatric Patient Portal