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April 17, 2024

CharmHealth Unveils 2024 Innovation Challenge to Bring Creative Solutions to the Fingertips of Healthcare Providers

March 12, 2024

CharmHealth Launches CharmHealthApps to Connect EHR Users With the Best Vendors to Further Advance Care

February 29, 2024

CharmHealth Announces CodeRx Hackathon Winners

May 5, 2023

CharmHealth Democratizes Generative AI Use Across Clinical Workflows in Healthcare Establishments and Verticals

Sep 5, 2022

MedicalMine Inc. Launches Automatic Insurance Card Reader Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology in CharmHealth Products

Jul 27, 2022

MedicalMine Inc., the Host of, Announces the Formation of the CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund

Oct 19, 2021

CharmHealth, MedicalMine's Cloud-Based Health-Tech Platform, Launches Integrated Real Time Prescription Benefits With Electronic-Prescribing for Controlled Substances

Jul 28, 2021

CharmHealth, MedicalMine Inc.'s Cloud-Based Platform, Launches Revolutionary Smart Navigation, a Natural Language Interface to Patient Records and Practice Management

Apr 9, 2021

MedicalMine Inc., the Maker of, Powers Central Coast VNA (CCVNA), One of the First Community Clinics to Launch a Mass COVID Vaccination Roll Out

Feb 24, 2021

MedicalMine Inc., the Host of, Presents CharmHealth Innovation Challenge, to Showcase Health-Tech Entrepreneurs and Innovators on

Oct 13, 2020

MedicalMine Inc., the Host of, Launches Social Impact Program Charm Cares, With Sponsorship of Synchrony 2020, in Partnership With Nonprofit: The BRAIN Foundation

Jun 26, 2020

CharmHealth, MedicalMine Inc.'s Cloud-Based Platform, Launches Healthcare Messaging and Care Team Communication Tool for Healthcare Providers: CharmConnect

Mar 18, 2020

MedicalMine Inc.'s Cloud-Based Platform, Launches Tools and Promotions to Help Healthcare Providers Manage COVID-19

Mar 8, 2019

CharmHealth Offers Incentives to Independent Practices Switching From APRIMA

Feb 8, 2019

MedicalMine Inc. Earns MACRA-MIPS, ONC Health IT Certification for CharmHealth EHR 1.2

Nov 29, 2018

MedicalMine Inc. Offers Special Incentives to Athenahealth Customers

Nov 21, 2018

MedicalMine Inc. Launches Opioid Tracking and Monitoring Feature in CharmHealth Products for Independent Physicians

Aug 3, 2018

CharmHealth Integrates With Fullscript to Enable Medical Practitioners to Dispense Professional-Grade Supplements Without Carrying Inventory

Jun 22, 2018

CharmHealth Offers Incentives to Independent Practices Switching From Practice Fusion

Apr 24, 2018

MedicalMine Inc. completes Surescripts EPCS Certification

Mar 13, 2018

CharmHealth selected as 'Rising Star' by FeaturedCustomers Spring 2018 Medical Practice Management Software Customer Success Report

Aug 22, 2017

MedicalMine Inc. Announces Its Innovative and Secure Instant Messaging Solution, MDMessage, for Healthcare Providers and Staff in Its Flagship CharmHealth Platform

Feb 10, 2017

MedicalMine Inc. Announces Its Innovative Charm Mobile.Publish It! Solution for Independent Healthcare Practices

Dec 13, 2016

MedicalMine Inc announces ChARM Health Pediatrics and Licensing of AAP BrightFutures Pediatric Templates

Aug 1, 2016

MedicalMine Inc announces its TeleHealth Solution: ChARM TeleHealth

Jul 20, 2015

MedicalMine Inc: Intuitive and Physician Friendly EHR Solution for Efficient Practice and Patient Care

Jun 29, 2015

MedicalMine and Emergency Medicine & Disaster Institute launches CharmHealth EHR Suite in GCC Region

Apr 13, 2015

MedicalMine Announces ChARMALOT Spring 2015 User Conference

Oct 27, 2014

MedicalMine and Bluefin Payment Systems Partner for Integrated Patient Payments in the CharmHealth EHR Software Platform

July 22, 2014

MedicalMine Inc.'s CharmHealth EHR Receives ONC-ACB 2014 Meaningful Use Certification By Drummond Group

Jan.15, 2013

MedicalMine Inc.'s CharmHealth EHR Receives ONC-ATCB Certification By Drummond Group

Sept.20, 2011

MedicalMine, Inc. Completes Surescripts® Certification. CharmHealth EHR Now Connects Physicians with Pharmacies Across the Country for E-Prescribing