Psychiatry EMR


Charm Health helps psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists to document mental and behavioral problems in adults and children. Charm EHR is ONC-ACB certified for meaningful use. It is very friendly to psychiatrists and being web based, you can access your patients’ records anytime anywhere with the help of mobile devices.

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  • Pre-Screening Forms

    Psychiatrists can customize their own pre-screening forms which can be shared with their patients when they book their appointments. These forms will help you gather information about the patient, which will help you to understand the patient condition, even before they check-in for the consultation.

  • Psychiatry Evaluation Forms

    Psychiatric evaluation forms that deal with Adult Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Addictive Psychiatry, etc., can be created and used during the consultation. Patient’s responses to your questions can easily be recorded by using these templates while charting. You can also compute GAF scores based on the responses to know how much a patient’s psychological symptoms impact their daily life.

  • Psychiatric Progress Notes

    Progress notes can be written for each session, where the psychologists can document diagnosis and his observation about the patient. SOAP notes can be standardized, so that all the staff members document the same way, which helps in treating patients accurately.

  • EPCS

    Psychiatric or psychotropic medications are classified as controlled substances that can only be prescribed by certified providers. Charm EHR supports and allows for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) by the psychiatrists with appropriate safety and security standards.

  • Private Charting

    Charm EHR provides a unique ‘Private Charting’ feature, where a patient’s progress and psychotherapy notes can only be seen by his psychiatrist and not by any other psychiatrist or staff in the hospital. This feature provides confidence to the patients that his condition is known only to his provider.

  • Video Consult

    Most of the times patients with psychological disorders feel comfort at their home and such people may also exhibit White Coat Syndrome. Such patients can be treated remotely with the help of remote video consultations. This also helps patients to answer to the psychiatrist’s questions in a calm and comfortable environment.