Video Testimonials
Andrea Zoodsma
Director, CCVNA

The workflow starts with the introduction of our health and safety questions, goes all the way to billing insurance and sends information to the immunization registry in one complete flow - very smooth. In a word, It's been brilliant. Read Case Study

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, MD, PhD, FAAPMR
SageMED Intelligent Healthcare

Charm EHR has enhanced the style of my practice and patients have been benefitted by the PHR usage. I am able to analyze the performance of my hospital using the Analytics tool. Eager to do research on the disease prevalance and other aspects in the coming years using the Statistics.

Dr. Jill Dickerson, MD, FAAP, FMAPS
Vibrant Kids Pediatrics

We are growing by leaps and bounds. We went from 1500 patients when we started to about 4800 today. That growth happened in less than three years! I have no doubt that ChARM EHR has a played a huge role in this growth. I would definitely recommend Charm EHR! It will save you money and time, and it's easier to use than anything else out there.

We chose Charm because of its features and because we could really customize it for our practice. We can communicate with our patients through the patient portal very easily and we also take advantage of being able to customize our own templates. Integrating with ChARM was very simple. We easily got set up and any time we have a question or issue, we always get the best help.

Dr. David Berger, MD,
FAAP Owner and Medical Director
Wholistic Pediatrics
Tampa, FL

Charm EHR has been a wonderful upgrade from our previous electronic charting program. I love the flexibility and customization that it offers. Ordering treatments, whether electronically to a pharmacy or supplements for my staff to dispense, is very easy.

My graduate students have used Charm EHR for the past two years as part of an electronic health records course taught at the University of West Florida. They were impressed with how intuitive the user interface is and how well the program functioned. It was easy for them to create test patients, sample lab data and billing experiences with a minimum of training. High marks for usability

The ability to create templates for labs allows me to quickly order the most common tests that I use without having to scroll through all of the tests offered by a laboratory.

But my favorite thing about ChARM is the portability. I love having all of the patient charts at my fingertips wherever I am, through computers at home, tablets, or my smart phone. Now when patients have after-hours problems, I am able to offer them the same level of care as I would if they were calling us at the office during the day.

I also appreciate how attentive that technical support and the programmers have been when we have identified an issue that needs to be fixed or added. With previous programs I have used, we sometimes had to wait 6 months for the next software release. But ChARM is constantly adding to and improving the product.

Dr. Robert Hoyt
Director, Medical Informatics Program

University of West Florida
Pensacola, FL

My graduate students have used ChARM EHR for the past two years as part of an electronic health records course taught at the University of West Florida. They were impressed with how intuitive the user interface is and how well the program functioned. It was easy for them to create test patients, sample lab data and billing experiences with a minimum of training. High marks for usability

Dr. Nirala J, ND
Jacobi Natural Health Care
Brisbane, Australia.

When I first looked into electronic medical records, I was daunted by the lack of programs specific to alternative health care practitioners. A colleague recommended Charm EHR and I started using it in October 2011.

It is such a relief to have finally found a product that delivers what it promises! with it's completely customizable sections, I can add specific vitals, templates for first appointments, as well as physical exams I frequently perform for nutritional deficiencies.

In an effort to go paperless, I uploaded many of my handouts and reports and just add them to a patient encounter with the click of a button.

One of my favourite features is the Patient Health Portal -- patients can easily access their treatment notes, lab results, and request appointments.

The support staff is very friendly and responds quickly to questions. Thanks Charm EHR for a great, user friendly product. I recommend it to any natural health practitioner who is in the market for professional, secure electronic medical records.

Dr. Steve Rondeau
Wholeness Center
Fort Collins, Colorado.

Charm EHR adapts to you instead of forcing you to adapt to a system that is lacking key features required for small to medium sized medical practices.

After using different EHR systems for over a year, and researching dozens of others, Charm EHR is by far the best for us.

It's an amazing product, with equally amazing support!

Dr. Kamyar M. Hedayat, MD,
Full Spectrum Health

I have a private practice in Endobiogeny, a form of integrative medicine. Charm EHR was a natural choice for me.

Charm offers a modular and completely customizable platform that allows for both standard and non-standard medical assessments and treatments to be prescribed and tracked.

The inclusion of patient management tools such as scheduling and email communication allows for a complete package for managing my practice.

It also allows for me to stay in touch with my patients no matter where they or I am, around the world at any time.

Jodi Jaffe, Owner -
Valley Medical Weight Loss
Phoenix, Arizona.

Charm was a lifesaver when it came to converting our weight loss clinics into electronic health records. After reviewing many EHR systems, we settled on Charm due to its simplicity, features and low cost. It was the perfect fit for our small operation.

The ease of use was imperative as was the ability to adapt to our needs. The customer service has been top notch. The team at Charm was so accommodating to our requests and suggestions.

I would highly recommend Charm to any practice looking for a software company willing to go the extra mile with great attention to detail.

Dr. Kathryn Taketa, N.D., L.Ac.
Sacred Healing Arts
Honolulu, Hawaii

I have been using Charm EHR for over a year ago now and am very happy with their product and service.

I compared a number of EMRs recommended by colleagues, and found that CharmHealth had all the features as the others but was the most cost-effective.

Switching EMRs is very difficult, so I wanted one that had all the features I wanted and would be able to grow with my practice. I love all the templates & options to customize labs, medications, supplements, and diet/lifestyle recommendations. Now I can just select a template with one click, rather than having to write the same thing over & over. The customization makes CharmHealth very friendly to integrative medicine practitioners, unlike other EMRs.

I love Charm's customizable online intake form which allows me to review a patient's medical history prior to the visit. Patients like the patient portal, with the ability to view their labs, treatment plans and to communicate with me.

The staff at CharmHealth have always been very responsive to my input & provide excellent customer service. I highly recommend Charm EHR to any healthcare practitioner.

Pejman Katiraei, D.O.,
Wholistic Kids and Families, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA.

I write this recommendation of Charm EHR with joy. It is a truly unique EHR platform that allows me great flexibility in documentation and management of my holistic pediatric practice.

In this system I am able to document vaccines and conventional medications as easily as supplements and other holistic/integrative therapies I use.

My families have enjoyed the patient portal and the secured communication tool and access to their children's health records it provides.

The CharmHealth management team has been wonderful and very responsive to specific requests we have had for development of individualized templates and other features within the system.

Dr. Igor Schwartzman
Whole Family Wellness Center
Portland, Oregon

Because of my interest in designing efficient and effective systems in clinical practices, I have had an opportunity to have an overview of several dozen EMR platforms. It was an eye-opening experience. In my view, most of them had been cumbersome, inefficient, and appeared to be difficult to implement.

Contrary to what I saw, Charm EHR appeared to be simple, user-friendly, adaptable, with the capacity to improve practice management and operations. During my very initial demonstration, I felt that I learned many of the basic features of the platform and was ready to implement. That was my initial impression, and I was right in the end! It took no time to begin using it.

From the very beginning, I found that as a company, Charm showed its commitment to customer service, excellent technical support, while also being receptive to feedback and suggestions. Charm EHR is an excellent tool that I highly value and recommend to any integrative medical provider. I look forward to the next phase.

Marla Thomas, Office manager
Crown Clinics
Spencer, IA

The ability to work within one system for billing and accounts receivable, as well as charting for the providers on staff, is a time saver! You don’t have to manoeuver back and forth with 2 systems. One login is all that is needed, all within one application. It is extremely easy to use for the providers, and for staff from all departments. The home page allows access to all aspects of Charm from one location. One click on an icon and you are there!

The claims process for billing is quite easy to use. The e-claims package is a must! The ability to chart, invoice, submit a claim all from "in-house" is a money saver, especially for smaller clinics but also for a major group.

The front desk loves the fact that they can check patient’s insurance eligibility right at time of the appointment. This is a great feature, as again you can avoid a rejection at a later time from the payer. The ease of appointment taking, patient portal, online appointments, so many great features, I can’t express how much is within this electronic health record system!. Charm EHR has been a great choice and has helped us grow our clinic business in just one year of use! Love this system!!!

Destiny Chirls, Office Manager
Sophia Health Institute
Woodinville, WA

I attended the last user conference offered by CharmHealth. A staff physician for our clinic also joined. As newer users to Charm at the time, we had a very powerful experience. The team broke down training into sections, and then allowed ample time for review after. I came back to the clinic with a great "tool kit" to finish training the rest of my staff.

We have a large and extremely busy team that is constantly growing, so learning the system inside and out from the conference has made a significant difference on our productivity. I can train new staff more efficiently now. I am so thankful for the CharmHealth team, and the time they offered to trouble shoot my difficulties. Attend the conference, it's worth it!

Charles Cooper
V.P. - Operations and Technology
Holistique Medical Center
Bellevue, WA

We attended the winter user conference as prospective users of Charm EHR. We were delighted to meet the folks in person that we had been conversing with on the phone and through email. In addition to the material provided in the structured presentations, we found the availability of their engineering, support and executive teams for one on one conversations extremely valuable and were a key decision point in our choosing Charm EHR for our practice.

Dr. Rick Sponaugle, Director
Sponaugle Wellness Institute
Palm Harbor, FL

I attended the CharmHealth Conference in April of 2014. Although we had been using it in our office since August of 2013, I found the conference to be full of knowledge we hadn’t learned yet. I was able to take back so much information to my team and it has made using Charm a lot easier.

Dr. NTR Balasubramanian
MBBS, DPH, DNB (Gen. Med)
Abishek Hospital

Charm EHR has enhanced the style of my practice and patients have been benefitted by the PHR usage.

I am able to analyze the performance of my hospital using the Analytics tool. Eager to do research on the disease prevalance and other aspects in the coming years using the Statistics.

Dr. D. Kathirvel
M.D., (Gen. Medicine)
Malar Medical Centre
Mangalampet, Vridhachalam

It was a great experience using Charm EHR in our rural setup.

Charm EHR fulfils our expectations in all areas of practice management making our job easier. Maintaining patient health records on the cloud gives us a new experience in providing better healthcare in rural areas.