Urgent Care EHR


Urgent Care Clinics provides ambulatory care for treating injuries and illnesesses that require immediate attention. CharmHealth provides urgent care clinics with the framework to store and retrieve their patient's medical records electronically.

CharmHealth EHR is ONC-ACB certified for meaningful use for ambulatory setup. Being web based, it allows you to access your patients' records anytime, anywhere with the help of mobile devices with internet access.

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The most impactful features is Scheduling appointments. This is very helpful for providers to stay on top of the patients' health. It has a lot of features necessary for the patients and providers for collecting and submitting health data records

Jessa Ambos
The Rapp Medical Group
  • Faster Patient CheckIn

    Time is the essence in Urgent Care practices. With CharmHealth EHR's checkin kiosk, patients can update their personal details, insurance information and medical history, which greatly reduces patients' waiting time

    Urgent Care Fast Checkin Kiosk
  • Urgent Care Templates

    Charm comes with support for Urgent Care Templates to quickly document patient visits. Urgent care templates include Trauma, Injuries, Common Illnesses, Adult Screening, Pediatric Screening, Vaccinations, etc. You can also customize the templates to suit your urgent care needs.

    Urgent Care Templates
  • Drug Interactions / eRx

    CharmHealth EHR provides interaction alerts for Drug, Food and Allergies, which indicates potential problems before they happen. Medication requests can be sent electronically to in-house pharmacy or to the patient's pharmacy of choice.

    eRx and Drug Interactions
  • Urgent Care CPT Codes

    CharmHealth EHR Urgent Care edition can be customized to include all the specialized CPT codes needed for emergency and after hours service treatments done in a urgent care facility.

    Urgent Care CPT Codes
  • Patient Followup and Recall

    Patient Recall reports helps front office to schedule follow up visits for patients within 72 hours of service. Followup appointments can also be booked by patients themselves through the patient portal.

    Patient Followup and Recall
  • TeleHealth Consultation

    For trauma and injury cases, where patients cannot drop in for personal followup visit, you can conduct telehealth consultation at the comfort of the patient

    TeleHealth Consultations
  • Billing & Claims

    Claims can be generated and sent electronically to clearing houses in real time. When claims get processed, account statements can be sent to patients with the charges for the services rendered, claims and payment applied to the account

    Billing & Claims
  • Online Appointment Scheduling

    With online appointment scheduling, patients can book appointments for regular screening visit, vaccination visit, followup visits, etc.

    Urgent Care Appointment Scheduling