As your true partner in technological innovation, we offer an unparalleled suite of features, including

  • A robust sandbox for training and onboarding your team members
  • Your own developer sandbox with comprehensive API tools for your Health IT team
  • A growing network of partner software integrations to work with every aspect of your business, and
  • Dedicated IT support.

True to our promise, we bring technological innovation to the point of care across your enterprise.


Sandbox Training and Onboarding

Elevate your staff's proficiency with our exclusive sandbox environment designed for hands-on training and seamless onboarding. Our platform provides a risk-free space for your team to test, train, and familiarize themselves with the EHR system, ensuring a smooth transition to a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Developer Sandbox with API Tools

Take control of customization and integration with our dedicated developer sandbox, equipped with a comprehensive set of API tools. This empowers your IT professionals to tailor the EHR system to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your enterprise medical practices. Explore our growing marketplace for ideas and solutions. Save time and money. See your proprietary workflow in action before launching.

Dedicated IT Support

Our commitment to your success goes beyond software. Gain peace of mind with our dedicated IT support, which is available to troubleshoot, answer queries, and provide timely assistance whenever needed. Our support team is not just responsive; they are integral to your journey towards optimized healthcare operations.

Unmatched Partnership

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to being a true partner for your enterprise. We provide a level of support and collaboration that is one of a kind, unmatched by any of our competitors. We understand the intricacies of enterprise medical practices and are committed to evolving our solutions alongside your organization's growth and changing needs.


Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing model, ensuring that you clearly understand the value you receive. We believe in providing a cost-effective solution that aligns with the scale and requirements of your enterprise medical practice.

Enterprise Edition

With our EHR software solutions, embrace a future of seamless healthcare operations, empowered staff, and satisfied patients. As your dedicated partner, we offer more than just a product - we offer a transformative experience that will revolutionize the way your enterprise medical practice operates. Choose us and let's embark on a journey toward unparalleled efficiency, innovation, and success in healthcare. Start your journey here