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EPCS Enrollment

CharmHealth EHR allows you to e-prescribe controlled substances (EPCS). Prescribers(DEA Registrants) should go through the EPCS enrollment process to obtain two-factor authentication to digitally sign and transmit the scheduled/controlled drugs electronically.

We have recently enhanced our EPCS enrollment workflow to be more transparent and informative. It provides the necessary details at every step to complete the enrollment process. This document describes the steps involved in our Enhanced EPCS workflow.

DEA Requirement for EPCS

As per DEA requirements, the EPCS enrollment process needs two individuals to be involved:

EPCS Admin Manager EPCS Approving DEA Registrant
  • Practice-Admin/Office Manager/Staff
  • An administrative staff - Verifies Prescriber's license and authorizes Prescribers.
  • Raises approval request for Prescribers to sign and e-prescribe CS drugs
  • Prescriber (Supervising / Medical Director) possessing DEA
  • The first person in the practice to get Identity-proofed to obtain TFA
  • Approves CS signing request raised by 'EPCS Admin Manager' for self and other Prescribers(/DEA Registrants)

Request EPCS Setup for Your Practice Account [ First Time ]

EPCS setup can be requested for a Practice Account from the 'Settings > Rx > EPCS Manager' section.

Prescriber Documents and NPI Verification

  1. Enabling EPCS service requires the below documents of the (Supervising/Medical Director) Prescriber requesting EPCS.
    • Medical license copies - State License and DEA copies
    • Photo-proof identity (either Driving License or US Passport) copy
    • The e-Rx enrollment form signed manually. (Download the e-Rx enrollment form. Fill it in and get it signed by the Prescriber. requesting EPCS.) Scan and upload it into the system.
    • NPI Number, having the up-to-date details of the facility address and Prescriber contact in the NPI Registry.
  2. Configure the second individual for the role 'EPCS Admin Manager' (Practice Admin/Office Manager) - responsible for verifying Prescribers license and raising approval requests.
    EPCS Admin Manager
  3. Note: If you are the EPCS Admin Manager, clicking the Initiate EPCS Process button will take you to the Webcam Proofing process.

  4. You can book your available slot for an account verification call at Our representative will reach you at your booked slot at the phone number specified in the Prescriber/organization NPI Registry.

EPCS Admin Manager Webcam Proofing Process

  1. Go to the 'Settings > Rx > EPCS Manager' section.
  2. Ensure your webcam is enabled and click on the 'Capture Face Selfie' button in the pop-up box. For accurate liveliness detection, blink 1 or 2 times and confirm that only one face is visible in the frame while capturing the selfie.
  3. Next, upload a government-issued photo ID, like a driver's license or passport to verify your captured selfie.
    EPCS Web Cam
  4. Click on the 'Submit' button.

CharmHealth EHR Account Call Verification to Open EPCS Setup

  • The uploaded documents and NPI Registry details will be verified manually by our EPCS verification team.
  • The EPCS setup will be configured for your Practice account in 2 to 3 business days after successful call verification. (Please make yourself available for the call verification to help us in completing the process on time).

Note: However, each Prescriber should independently complete the EPCS identity-proofing as explained in the below steps.

The Enhanced EPCS Enrollment Workflow

The EPCS Enrollment process involves the following steps:

Step Performer(s) Action
1 EPCS Admin Manager
  • Upload prescribers documents to system
  • Raise CS Drugs Signing Approval Reqeust for prescribers
  • Schedule call with our representative to reach prescriber at the phone number registered in the NPI-Registry
2 EPCS Approving DEA Registrant / Prescribers requesting EPCS
  • Complete the EPCS Registration and identity-proofing process to obtain Two-Factor-Authentication
3 EPCS Approving DEA Registrant
  • Approve the CS Drugs Signing request for self and other prescribers, using the TFA obtained in EPCS registration process.
4 CharmHealth EPCS Verification Team
  • Enables EPCS service for the Prescribers on successful verification

Step #1 EPCS Admin Manager Activities

To be performed by EPCS Admin Manager [either your Practice Admin / Office Manager ] as configured in the Settings page as a one-time activity.

  • Go to the 'Settings > Rx > EPCS Manager' section.
  • Authorize and verify the Prescribers license.
  • Upload, validate, and authenticate Prescribers licenses
  • Rise approval request for signing CS drugs
  • Purchase EPCS Subscription for 'EPCS Approving Registrants' and other Prescribers as needed.
  • Schedule phone verification call with CharmHealth representative for Prescribers subscribing new EPCS service.

The video below demonstrates the steps to verify the Prescribers license and purchase EPCS subscriptions.


Step #2: EPCS Registration and Identity-Proofing Process

'EPCS Approving DEA Registrant' (Supervising / Medical Director) configured in the one-time activity should be the first person in the Practice to get identity-proofed. This allows the approving DEA Registrant to obtain TFA (Two Factor Authentication).

Other Prescribers requesting EPCS service should go through the EPCS Registration and identity-proofing process.

We are using Exostar (a Certificate Service Provider) service to perform identity-proofing andto obtain second-factor authentication. Exostar performs the identity-proofing either through:

  • Remote Proofing: Using knowledge-based questions on financial and personal history. (Have your credit report ready to answer the questions within the time limit).
  • Web Cam Proofing: If Exostar was unable to pin the user in their directory, it engages a web-cam proofing to complete the identity-proofing process.

Steps for EPCS Identity-Proofing Process

  1. Prescribers need to log in to their CharmHealth EHR account.
  2. Go to the 'Settings > Rx > EPCS Manager' section
  3. Clicking the 'Start EPCS Registration' option opens the EPCS Registration form.
  4. The Registration Form asks for a Software Token which is your smartphone number or/and a Hardware Token after the EPCS purchase.
    Note: Exostar will ship the Hardware Token to the Facility Address in five to six business days. However, Prescribers do not need to wait for the Hardware Token to arrive. They can proceed with the Registration process using Soft Tokens.
  5. The 'Start New Registration' button takes Prescribers to the Exostar Portal where they need to enter their Social Security Number and Date of Birth.
  6. On the Verify Identity page, Exostar will ask questions related to your Financial and Credit History. (Maximum time limit of 10 minutes)
  7. After the questions are answered, Exostar will take you to link the Hardware Token.
  8. If the Hardware Token is available, enter the Token Serial Number bound on the back side of the Token. New OTP will be generated every 20 seconds. If the Token is not with you, skip this step).
  9. Next Register your personal smart mobile number for EPCS OTP generation. This step asks you to download Authy app on your mobile. Install the Authy app and complete mobile registration. (The Authy app generates a new OTP every 20 seconds).

The below video demonstrates the Identity-Proofing Process steps.


Once the Identity-Proofing Process is completed and approved, you will be redirected to the CharmHealth EHR's EPCS Manager section.

Note: Prescribers completing their EPCS identity-proofing process can contact their 'EPCS Approving DEA Registrant' to give them CS Drugs Signing Approval.

Step #3: Approving CS Drugs by DEA Registrant

After completing the identity-proofing process and obtaining two-factor-authentication, the 'EPCS Approving DEA Registrant' should approve the 'CS Drugs Signing' request raised by the 'EPCS Admin Manger' for self and other Prescribers requesting EPCS.

It is the responsibility of the EPCS Approving DEA Registrant to authorize the other Prescribers before approving. The approval process requires two-factor-authentication:

  • The first is your CharmHealth EHR account password.
  • The second could be either the Soft Token OTP (Authy app on mobile) or Hard Token from your Hardware Token device linked on EPCS registration process.

Note: However, each Prescriber should independently complete the EPCS identity-proofing with Exostar to possess their Two-Factor-Credentials.

The below video demonstrates the steps to be performed by the EPCS Approving DEA Registrant.


Step #4: Enabling EPCS for the Prescribers - By CharmHealth EPCS Verification Team

CharmHealth EHR's EPCS Verification team enables EPCS service for the Prescribers on successful verification of,

  • Prescribers licenses and submitted document proofs
  • Reaching Prescribers through the phone number as per their/organization's NPI Registry.

On enabling the EPCS service, Prescribers will receive a notification inside the product.
eRx Notifications

Current EPCS Status for Prescribers

The Practice can view the status of each Prescriber's EPCS registration process by clicking the 'Info' icon. It lists the status of each item in the checklist items along with the steps to proceed.
EPCS Status Info
Registration Process Checklist

This gives transparency to the administrator and Prescribers on the completed vs pending steps in enabling EPCS for a particular Prescriber.

Configure Your TFA Token Preference

Prescribers can configure their default TFA token preference, either hard or soft token for signing CS drugs in the EPCS workflow. Once configured, it is auto-set as your preferred token in the TFA view.

  1. Go to your EPCS Subscription Details view under 'Settings > Rx > eRx' section.
  2. Click on the 'More Options' (3 dots) icon against the Provider name.
  3. Choose the 'View' option
  4. Your default token preference can be configured in this view against the field, 'Preferred Token'.
    Prescriptions Token

Renew EPCS Subscriptions on Expiry

The EPCS subscription needs to renewed yearly based on the subscription plan you purchased. The Practice Admin/Office Manager can renew the EPCS subscription on expiry using the 'Renew' option. This option is available in the EPCS Manager section.
Renew EPCS Subscriptions