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They are God send. They are always available and work hard to advocate on your behalf. They are patient and willing to be flexible with your schedule in order to ensure the success of your financial operations. The visibility to collections and AR reports integrated in the billing system and managed through the RCM team helps us project the financial viability of our practice and make future decisions.


Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

Healthcare Medical Billing Services

Value Proposition

  • Experienced Professionals
  • Proven Processes and Tools
  • Stringent Quality Controls
  • IT Automation
  • Affordable Solution

Benefits Accrued

  • Faster Claims
  • Reduced Write-off/Denials
  • Value for Money
  • Enhanced Staff Productivity
  • Maximize ROI

Keep a tab on your RCM Service Health

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Get a consolidated view of RCM health, viz., claims, collections, receivables, adjustments, etc., making tracking easy

  • Instant Communication

    Sending and receiving messages between stakeholders helps in quick resolution of pending claims

  • Drill Down Views

    Drill down each view to know more details about claims, collections, receivables, etc.

  • Multi Facility Support

    View claims and collection status across your facilities


RCM Dashboard

Infographic view of your practice's claims, collections, receivables and denials with average turnaround times. Drill down reports help you track finer details of claims

Patient Eligibility Checks

Eligibility Checks are performed to verify patient insurance coverage, dates of coverage, copays and deductibles, to prevent insurance claims denials


Participant providers are affiliated with payer network for in-network claims processing

Medical Coding

Claims are checked for use of standard codes as per NCCI edits for improved collections

Claims Scrubbing

Claims are checked for errors in demographics, insurance, thorough review of procedure codes and modifiers to ensure compliance with payer specific guidelines to reduce claim rejections and turn around times

Claims Submission

Post scrubbing of claim data, claims are submitted electronically to the payer and the status is tracked

Payment Posting

Experienced billers will post payments to patient account from EOBs, charge slips and other documentation

Denial Management

Identify root causes for the denial, take corrective action and re-submit claims and thus improve payment recovery

A/R Followup

Monitor receivables and appeal to insurance companies and reach out to patient for outstanding dues


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