TURNABOUT FOR AUTISM A ONE DAY workshop for parents and
friends of members on the spectrum
ZOHO Event Center, 4141 Hacienda Drive Pleasanton, CA 94588
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TURNABOUT for Autism is the first interactive, multimedia workshop designed for families of members with autism. We seek to help transform the experiences of seasoned parents into workable methods and techniques that may improve outcomes for families in attendance. TURNABOUT is also for relatives, friends, employers and community members who want to integrate people on the spectrum in everything they do.

This one-day event will feature expert speakers, hi-tech collaborative tools for engagement and participation, and actionable "idea lists" for families. We will explore a model for community engagement focussed on including those on the spectrum into all walks of life.

Come meet other families. Listen to expert speakers. Hangout for a day of great conversation, food and life-changing strategies.

The theme of this Turnabout for Autism is:

10 Things You Can Do To Help Improve Your Life with Autism Today



Our speakers have been chosen to reflect both national and local perspectives for families. You will hear from healthcare professionals, researchers and technology experts, and experienced parents. They will all share best practices for health, education, careers and happier, productive lives.

Saturday, April 18
  • Registration
  • Welcome by Pramila Srinivasan
  • Dr Martha Herbert's message
  • Dr Suruchi Chandra: Autism and the Environment
  • Andrea Starkey: Making Homeschooling Work
  • Anat Baniel: 9 Essentials of the NeuroMovement Approach
  • Lenae Crandall: Giving a Voice
  • Lunch
  • Peter Sullivan: Wireless: A key piece of the autism puzzle and what you can do about it
  • Arya Baskar: My Experience with Homeschooling
  • Jill Rege: The Long and Winding Road to Recovery
  • Technology for Autism, and Assistive apps
  • Turnabout Talent Show
  • Attendee Polling, Parents Panel Q&A (Arya, Jill, Pramila)
  • Break up and Informal Meetups

Conference Venue

4141, Hacienda Drive,
Pleasanton, CA 94588