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CMS124 - Cervical Cancer Screening

Measure Description: Percentage of women 21-64 years of age who were screened for cervical cancer using either of the following criteria:

Denominator: Women 23-64 years of age with a visit during the measurement period

Numerator: Women with one or more screenings for cervical cancer. Appropriate screenings are defined by any one of the following criteria:

Measure Calculation in ChARM EHR: AUTOMATIC

This measure is automatically calculated based on the Pap or HPV tests performed for patients.

To satisfy this measure, for female patient with Age >= 23 and < 64 years, Pap Test (Sample loinc code : 10524-7, 19762-4, 19774-9) should be performed with in 3 years.


For female patient with age >= 30 years and < 64 years, Pap Test (Sample loinc code : 10524-7, 19762-4, 19774-9) and HPV Test (Sample loinc code : 21440-3, 38372-9, 75694-0) should be performed with in five years.

Note: Sample LOINC codes for Pap test are 10524-7, 19762-4, 19774-9 and LOINC codes for HPV test are 21440-3, 38372-9, 75694-0. Before start recording the result, make sure you have updated correct LOINC codes for Pap and HPV test parameters under 'Settings > Labs > Customize Labs'' section. Otherwise the result will not be considered for CQM calculation.

Denominator Exclusion: You can manually exclude a patient from denominator, based on the conditions listed below under 'Encounter > MU' section.
Cervical Cancer Screening