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CMS139 - Falls: Screening for Future Fall Risk

Measure Description: Percentage of patients 65 years of age and older who were screened for future fall risk during the measurement period

Denominator: Patients aged 65 years and older with a visit during the measurement period

Numerator: Patients who were screened for future fall risk at least once within the measurement period

Measure Calculation in ChARM EHR: MANUAL

This measure is calculated based on the action recorded under 'Encounter > MU' section.

To satisfy this measure, for patient with Age >= 65 years, perform Falls Screening assessment and record the action under 'Encounter > MU' section as shown below.
Fall Risk

Denominator Exclusion: You can manually exclude a patient from denominator, based on the conditions listed below under 'Encounter > MU' section.
Fall Risk Exclusion