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CMS165 - Controlling High Blood Pressure

Measure Description: Percentage of patients 18-85 years of age who had a diagnosis of hypertension and whose blood pressure was adequately controlled (<140/90mmHg) during the measurement period

Denominator: Patients 18-85 years of age who had a diagnosis of essential hypertension within the first six months of the measurement period or any time prior to the measurement period

Numerator: Patients whose blood pressure at the most recent visit is adequately controlled (systolic blood pressure < 140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg) during the measurement period

Measure Calculation in ChARM EHR: AUTOMATIC

This measure is automatically calculated in ChARM EHR based on the BP recorded in the Vitals section.

To satisfy this measure, for patient with Age >= 18 and < 85 years with an active diagnosis of “Essential Hypertension” (Example ICD 10 codes : I10 ), take appropriate clinical measures to keep the BP under control (Systolic less than 140 mmHg and Diastolic less than 90 mmHg).

Denominator Exclusion:

Patients will be automatically excluded if they satisfy anyone of the below conditions

In addition, you can manually exclude a patient from denominator, based on other conditions listed below under 'Encounter > MU' section.
High Blood Pressure