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ChARM EHR's New (and BETTER!) Pricing Plan!


We at Team ChARM EHR, are excited to share with you a new pricing update. You will be pleasantly surprised by this change. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DETAILS

Thanks for your support and trust in us we have grown considerably in the last one year. We take this trust and confidence you have with us as a great privilege.

As you know, we have been constantly adding new features to make the software easier and more productive for users like you. We understand that ChARM EHR will never be "finished" because as practices evolve, so must we and we have a lot of exciting new features planned for this year.

One of the big requests that we heard from doctors like you is a suitable pricing structure that matches with your practice economics while at the same time providing you with a sufficient pricing flexibility.

After considerable deliberations our team came up with an even transparent pricing model that is totally different from what you've seen from other EHRs.

The pricing is very simple (we think simple is good!). The new price plan is elastic meaning that your payment will grow or shrink with the number of patient encounters you do per month. It doesn't get much simpler than this!

We are fully aware of your time and investment in our EHR and we want to create a plan that gives you the optimum value for your usage.

Here is the new pricing plan: What is in?

1. You will get the first 50 encounters/month free every month. No exceptions and no fine print to read.

2. If you exceed the 50 encounters threshold in a month you will be charged $0.50/encounter. So if you have 51 consults/month you will pay $25.50/month.

Nothing more. Next month if you have 50 encounters you pay nothing. Zero!

Add as many providers as you want.

If you are not using the software or are below the 50 encounters/month you pay us NOTHING for that month.

3. Large volume providers: the pricing is $0.30/encounter for encounters exceeding #2000 encounters/month.

  • In addition the new pricing has features such as:
  • No limit on the number of providers you can add to your account
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Full features for all paying and non-paying customers
  • No fixed price payment as you would currently pay even in a busy, dormant or a really slow month

4. All other things remain the same. No fine print to read.

What is out?

1. Free version for first 100 patients is no longer available

2. Fixed monthly charge after 100 patients wont be available

3. First month free service is no longer available.

I know you have many questions and one thing we want to assure you is at anytime we will not do anything that would adversely affect you or go back on our contract with you.

Thanks again for your continued support and business. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


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