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One of these EHRs is not like the others...


Hope you are having a wonderful week and are ready to finish strong! I certainly am :) Between adding new features, hosting cool webinars, and traveling to important medical conferences, we have been really busy at ChARM EHR.

And speaking of conferences, we will be heading to the HiMSS13 Annual Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans from March 3 - 7.

One of the things you'll notice if you click on the link is is that there are a bunch of different EHR companies that will be in attendance ..BUT one of these EHRs is not like the others.

Yes, you guessed it, ChARM EHR is the one that stands alone. WHY?

Because ChARM EHR is the ONLY full-featured EHR on the list that is free to use! That's right. No other full featured EHR offers the ability to try out AND actually use, completely for free. One other EHR offers a free version but it is NOT full featured.

Hopefully the other EHRs aren't too mad at us ;)

If you're interested in trying ChARM EHR for free then CLICK RIGHT HERE and give us a drive around the block.

I promise you'll find it easy to use and VERY useful.

You can also now send your electronic prescriptions directly from the Quick Prescription icon on your Patient Dashboard in ChARM EHR. You can look up allergies right there and complete the Prescription order without opening an encounter.

Not only is this be a convenient feature, but it also saves you time, and does not count as an encounter, so this feature is FREE (are you sensing a theme here?).

Also please remember that we are always open to questions and suggestions so feel free to respond with questions, suggestions, or just to say 'hello' :)


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