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How ChARM EHR Transformed a Practice

Today we have a special treat for you!
We recently had an opportunity to sit down and talk to Dr. Steve Rondeau, a leading Physician in Naturopathic Medicine who integrated ChARM EHR into his practice several months ago. Dr. Rondeau agreed to talk to us about his practice and some of the changes that have occurred since implementing ChARM EHR.

ChARM EHR: Thanks for meeting with us! Tell us a little bit about what your practice was like before implementing ChARM EHR?

Dr. Rondeau: Long Answer! Well, I was just starting a new clinic with 15 different practitioners from all different walks of life - different nationalities, different schedules, etc. I was looking for a tool to help us all effectively communicate and quite honestly, I couldn't find an EMR that did everything I needed until I found ChARM EHR.

I knew that communication would be a major hurdle with how dynamic my practice is and ChARM EHR was the only EMR I could find that really created a cohesive was for medical people who may not normally work together, to communicate well.

ChARM EHR: You mentioned that you looked at other EMR programs. What made you choose ChARM EHR over the others?

Dr. Rondeau: Well for starters It's easily the most customizable. It also makes communication VERY easy throughout practice and with patients. I also wanted a web based EMR so we could access system anytime anywhere.

More than anything, ChARM EHR is a system that adapts to you rather than you having to adapt to the system. It's very flexible! And you can cater the interface to make sense for any specific Doctor.

ChARM EHR: How has your practice changed since implementing ChARM EHR?

Dr. Rondeau: Well, the biggest thing is that we NEVER lose patients that in almost every practice I see, would normally fall through the cracks. ChARM EHR allows me to put reminders into patient files for followups such that, we get a reminder when that patient is due for a followup, and we reach out to them. This is so easy to do and honestly incredibly helpful!

We also can communicate with patients much easier. Lab work goes straight to patient's digital chart so it never gets lost and my staff doesn't need to waste time chasing that information down. Teamwork is vastly improved, and ChARM EHR even has analytics allowing us to tangibly measure these improvements!

ChARM EHR: Do you have any favorite features?

Dr. Rondeau: The messaging system is extremely intuitive and everything is basically right there in front of your fact. Unlike other EMRs, I don't have to hunt for messages through MS Outlook or whatever.

I'm also a huge fan of the flexibility ChARM EHR allows. You can either use it for everything or simply use it for specific tasks.

ChARM EHR: How easy or difficult was it to implementing ChARM EHR?

Dr. Rondeau: It was incredibly easy! It literally took me 20 minutes of playing around with the interface to figure out how to use it. We set a deadline in the practice for everyone to transition over to ChARM EHR and it was all quite seamless.

We have people in our office who are in their 20s and some in their 60s who don't even have an email address or a smart phone and everyone had an easy time learning it.

ChARM EHR: Is their anything else you'd like to add?

Dr. Rondeau: If you don't get ChARM EHR you're a dummy! I've gone through SO MANY EMRs and honestly its so obvious that if you have a practice that is remotely similar to what we're doing, it's such a no brainer because it accommodates all treatment modalities and also practitioners. ITS SO EASY!

ChARM EHR: Thank you so much for sitting down with us!

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