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Free Webinar for you + HUGE News...

In this week's newsletter, we have a couple of really cool news items that we know you'll be interested in.

First, Dr. Steve Rondeau, a leader in naturopathic medicine and an early adopter of ChARM EHR will be hosting a webinar THIS Friday, January 25th at 9am PST (12pm EST) in which he shows you exactly how he has been able to transform his practice using ChARM EHR.

He will be showing a live demonstration of the tools that he finds most valuable to his practice and showing you exactly how ChARM EHR offered benefits he was unable to find from any other EMR.

This webinar will last for approximately half-an-hour and if you're even remotely interested in seeing what an EMR could do for your practice, then we highly recommend taking 30 minutes out of your day to see this. You won't regret it!

CLICK HERE for free registration

As for the second piece of news:

We are pleased to announce that we now have certification by Surescripts which means ChARM EHR users will now be able to electronically and securely exchange "prescription information” with pharmacies and payers in communities throughout all 50 states and Washington, D.C..

The connection to Surescripts allows physicians who e-prescribe using ChARM EHR to access valuable real-time pharmacy and payer information before prescriptions are written, thereby reducing errors and increasing physician effectiveness.

Before a prescriber prepares an e-prescription, eligibility and formulary information will be provided through the ChARM EHR application. This feature in ChARM EHR enables prescribers to choose medications that are on formulary and are covered by the patient’s insurance drug benefit.

It also shows them lower cost alternatives such as generic drugs and ultimately ensures better patient care.

With patient consent, medication history can also be seen by the prescriber within ChARM EHR.

New things are happening everyday at ChARM EHR stay tuned!


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