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Why Weight Loss Clinics Choose ChARM EHR

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Today we have a special treat. Valley Medical Weight Loss is a popular weight loss clinic based in Phoenix, Arizona headed by Jodi Jaffe. Marta Kourliandtchik, Valley Medical's office manager and the person responsible for patient management with ChARM EHR sat down with us recently to talk about how the clinic is functioning since implementing ChARM EHR.

Dr. Jodi Jaffe Jodi Jaffe
Marta Kourliandtchik Marta Kourliandtchik

ChARM EHR: Thanks for sitting down with us! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about your practice?

Marta: Sure, we are a medically assisted walk-in weight loss clinic. Although we specialize in weight loss, we also see patients for aesthetics, acupuncture, testosterone treatments, and are also bringing on IV therapy. We have three medical assistants, two doctors, two receptionists, and a manager. We see about 60-100 patients per day, but expect to see about 250 once we build up our repertoire.

ChARM EHR: Wow what made you want to integrate an EMR into your practice?

Marta: We needed an online record system to keep patient flow smooth and manage a large volume of patients and it seemed very easy to use!

ChARM EHR: What was your practice like integrating ChARM EHRand how has it changed after ChARM EHR?

Marta: We opened last June and we only had about 12 patients to start with so it was quite simple to enter our patients into ChARM EHR. We have basically been using ChARM EHR since our opening and it has made seeing patients much more efficient.

ChARM EHR: What made you choose ChARM EHR over other EMRs?

Marta: One BIG HUGE Thing...Ease of use!

ChARM EHR: What tangible or noticeable improvements have you noticed since implementing ChARM EHR?

Marta: ChARM EHR is always implementing new changes that help make things more efficient and practical. I loved when you introduced the repeat button, since many of our patients come on a weekly basis and receive the same medications throughout.

ChARM EHR: What do your employees think of ChARM EHR? Is it easy to learn/use?

Marta: Most employees catch on to ChARM EHR easily. It is quite straightforward and the templates we use help them have an easy and quick way to repeat past prescriptions and supplements.

ChARM EHR: How easy/difficult was it to implement ChARM EHR?

Marta: Simple for us! We just uploaded old patient charts and entered relevant information. We are using ChARM in our other office as well, where we have over 25,000 patients so it is definitely taking time, but any office with so many patients needs to allocate a position dedicated to switching to EMR.

ChARM EHR: Favorite aspects/features of ChARM EHR?

Marta: The templates feature has helped us tremendously. I also love that patients are able to access their records online. The "plot" feature in the patient encounters helps us to track patient weight loss trends over time.

ChARM EHR: Great! Thanks Marta and we'll talk to you next week!

We're really excited to announce that Marta and Jodi Jaffe will be joining us next Friday, March 29th at 9am PDT for a new webinar with an entirely new focus! CLICK HERE to register!

Jaffe will talk about her weight loss clinic and what aspects made it a requirement for her to find an EMR solution. Additionally she and Marta will talk about the process of finding the right EMR for the weight loss clinic and why it's such an important tool when patient volume is high.

CLICK HERE to register for the webinar, next Friday, March 29 at 9:00am PDT!

Again, this will be a little less focused on mechanics and more on the EMR search process, implementation, and results, especially for clinics with a high volume of walk-in patients like weight loss clinics.

Hope you can make it!


ChARM EHR is FREE to try for as long as you want! You only pay when you exceed 50 encounters per month.

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