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The Easiest Way to Handle Labs!


Today, I want to talk to you about something I'm sure you all thoroughly enjoy...labs! (hopefully you sensed the sarcasm ;)

We know dealing with labs can be a real pain which is why we've put in EXTRA effort to make accessing and sending lab results easy for you!

Did you know that many labs are integrated with ChARM EHR and that you can integrate lab results directly into your account? You can also quickly plot lab results and email them to patients resulting in a huge time savings because the staff doesn't have to upload data and create reports. Instead, lab results go directly to the doctor!

ChARM EHR is integrated with LabCorp as well as several other national labs. We are also constantly adding regional labs as well.

Another feature I wanted to talk to you about today, is the fact that you can easily file insurance claims quickly from our billing module. You can print either on your CMS form or create a PIF for quick and easy billing. ChARM EHR can also do some customization for your billing. Touch base with us if you are interested in how we can make billing easier for you.

All the best,

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