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How a Practice Save Time AND Money By Switching to ChARM EHR


We recently had a chance to sit down with Dr. Kathryn Taketa, a naturopathic physician whose Hawaii based practice specializes in holistic medicine. Several months ago, Dr. Taketa's practice switched from using Practice Fusion EMR to ChARM EHR and has noticed several improvements.

She will be hosting a webinar talking about the benefits of ChARM to her practice this Friday, May 24, at 12:00pm PST. This is perfect for those of you who haven't yet signed up for ChARM EHR. CLICK HERE to register! But, to give you a better understanding of how she uses ChARM, here's what Dr. Taketa had to say!

ChARM EHR: Can you describe your practice? Your speciality? How many people work at the practice? What is the relative patient volume (don’t have to be specific)?

What made you want to integrate an EMR into your practice?

What was your practice like before integrating ChARM EHR and how has it changed after ChARM EHR?

Dr. Taketa: Intake form has provide a big change. Previously, the patient had to come to office before appt, and I didn’t have much time to review form prior to starting patient visit. Now with the online portal, everything is easy and I can review the patient form before the encounter. Additionally, we previously used Practice Fusion, but wasn’t friendly for integrative medicine practitioners & not as customizable as CHARM EHR.

ChARM EHR: What made you choose ChARM EHR over other EMRs?

Dr. Taketa: Well it was first recommended to me by other NDs. Once I tried it, I realized it had all the features I wanted (web based platform, no software to download, online intake form, customizable recommendations, automatic patient appt reminders, patient portal) but for lower price than other EMRs.

ChARM EHR: What tangible or noticeable improvements have you noticed since implementing ChARM EHR?

Dr. Taketa: Well, we are able to better prepare for new patients prior tovisit, are treatment plans are so much better as we don't have to write the same dietary & lifestyle recommendations over & over.

ChARM EHR: What do your employees think of ChARM? Is it easy to learn/use?

Dr. Taketa: Everyone has found it easy to learn.

Online intake form is awesome because I can review patients prior tovisit. I also love the fully customizable templates for questionnaires, supplements, prescriptions, dietary or lifestyle recommendations. Oh and the patient appt reminders and online patient portal are great.

ChARM EHR: Do you have any final words?

Dr. Taketa: ChARM EHR has excellent customer service, and the staff is super responsiveto my input/suggestions. CHARM staff made questionnaires for me – I just had to send them the paper forms & they created the online versions for me. I would highly recommend to any physician office and its ideal for integrative medicine practitioners!


Dr. Taketa will be hosting a webinar this Friday, 5/24 at 12:00pm PST where she goes over how she uses ChARM to save time and improve the operations of her practice. This is a great webinar for those of you who have not yet signed up for ChARM EHR but want to learn some of the benefits and see it in action.

CLICK HERE to register for the webinar!

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