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Patient Check in Has Become Even EASIER!

Greetings !

We have an exciting announcement for you today! We have just released the brand new ChARM Kiosk App in the App store. What is the ChARM EHR Kiosk?

The Kiosk is an application that can be used in your front office to accelerate the process of self check-in.

Patients can verify their personal information, insurance card details, fill out intake forms and sign on consent forms while they wait for their appointment. This will save valuable time both for the administrative staff and help obtain accurate information while making the appointment time more efficient for the physician and nurse as well.

Other features include:

  • Add new patient
  • Search patients
  • Update patient Photo using iPad
  • Share Questionnaire and Consent Forms
  • Patient can edit Demographics and Insurance Details
  • Answer predefined Shared Questionnaire
  • Sign shared Consent Forms

The ChARM Kiosk is free to subscribers of ChARM EHR. Sign up today, and start using the Kiosk right away!

All the best,

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