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MedicalMine Inc. Completes Surescripts® Certification.

CharmHealth EHR Now Connects Physicians with Pharmacies Across the Country for E-Prescribing

PLEASANTON, Calif., Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --- MedicalMine, Inc., a health care software company, announced today that it has completed certification with Surescripts, the nation's largest e-prescription network. With this certification, MedicalMine's Charm/EHR (formerly Charm/Physician) users will now be able to exchange "prescriptions" and/or "prescription information" electronically and securely with pharmacies in communities throughout all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The addition of this e-prescription capability enhances the innovative pathway of care provided by the Charm platform of products — from the well-established patient portal Charm Tracker, to the physician's portal Charm/EHR, providing a shared view of treatment tracking to improve outcomes for patients with multi-factorial diseases.

The connection to Surescripts also allows for electronic routing of prescription refill requests, which physicians can receive via their office computer instead of their fax machine. Refill authorizations, or denials, can then be electronically communicated back to the pharmacy with just a few clicks of a computer mouse, thereby eliminating many of the faxes and phone calls associated with the traditional refill process. New prescriptions can also be routed directly to pharmacy computers before a patient even leaves their physician's office.

MedicalMine founder Pramila Srinivasan , PhD said, "We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Surescripts. Charm/EHR has been designed to provide the best tools to help clinicians run their practices more efficiently, giving them more time to focus on their patients. Surescripts is an important part of our comprehensive software."

About Charm/EHR

Charm/EHR targets health care providers who want to improve their ability to track, manage and visualize their patients' medical records. The software provides a state-of-the-art, secure EHR system without requiring an extensive investment in IT personnel and infrastructure by the physician. "And for the first time, clinicians will have a unique 'patient dashboard' with all relevant data about that patient — from a variety of sources, like collaborating physicians, therapists, and caregivers — at their fingertips; anytime, and anywhere," according to Elizabeth Horn who is handling the marketing of the Charm product line. "This will be an extraordinary benefit for both the doctors and their patients: one unified view of treatment path that is shared by all."

Charm/EHR features a complete integration with Charm Tracker, the patient portal rolled out in June 2009 that now has over 2500 users worldwide. Physicians and patients can invite each other to view any aspect of their data based on ownership and permission by all of the parties.

"This new product has been developed by the same team of world class software designers, algorithm and usability experts that created Charm Tracker," said Dr. Srinivasan. "It stands on the secure, reliable platform that powers ZOHO Corporation ( applications used by millions globally for online productivity."

Interested physicians should go to for more information about the product and its availability. Future versions of the product will include advanced visualization and analysis tools for both physicians and researchers.

About MedicalMine Inc.

MedicalMine, Inc. is a Pleasanton, California-based software company founded to address the application of online data entry and visualization, intelligent data analysis, and collaboration to the field of chronic illness management.

About Surescripts

The Surescripts network supports the most comprehensive ecosystem of healthcare organizations nationwide. Pharmacies, payers, pharmacy benefit managers, physicians, hospitals, health information exchanges and health technology firms rely on Surescripts to share health information more easily and securely. Guided by the principles of neutrality, transparency, physician and patient choice, open standards, collaboration and privacy, Surescripts operates the nation's largest health information network. By providing information for routine, recurring, and emergency care, Surescripts is committed to saving lives, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of health care for all. For more information, go to and follow us at

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