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MU Stage 2 - Menu Measures

Menu 3: Imaging Results

Measure Overview : For radiology orders, store image results and related information within EHR.

Denominator : Number of tests whose result is one or more images ordered by the EP during the EHR reporting period.

Numerator : The number of results in the denominator that are accessible through EHR.

Stage 2 Goal : 10%

Exclusion : Any EP who orders less than 100 tests whose result is an image during the EHR reporting period; or any EP who has no access to electronic imaging results at the start of the EHR reporting period.

ChARM EHR Workflow : Follow the steps below to store patient's image results and related interpretation.

  1. Go to Images > Image Orders section
  2. All the image orders given as part of encounter are listed under this section.
  3. Choose an Image Order
  4. Upload the image file
  5. Enter related interpretation
  6. Save the details

For more information, refer to the CMS guideline for this measure