Charmalot 2024

Annual User Conference + CharmHealth Innovation Challenge

23-25 August 2024, Grand Hyatt, Washington D.C. 20001
INNOVATE. INTEGRATE. INSPIRE. Early Bird Offer ends June 15

What we offer

Whether you are a large physician group or a growing practice, we provide a customizable and scalable cloud-based HIPAA-compliant solution that includes all the tools you need to immediately get started and thrive. From practice management tools to a state-of-the-art AI-enabled EHR, from billing to revenue cycle management, we have you covered.

An EHR that focuses on care

We've given you the clinical tools you need to assist you as needed while removing all obstacles that get in the way of quality care. Our cloud-based EHR lets you document effortlessly and easily access visit summaries, treatment plans, and the many pharmacies, labs, devices, and AI tools integrated into our platform.

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Run your clinics and enterprises efficiently and profitably

Connect seamlessly with patients

Our Patient Engagement platform, built from the ground up, is designed to help patients promptly access the care they need, engage with their providers and staff, and actively participate in their own wellness journey. We believe that patient engagement is a key pillar of a responsive healthcare practice.

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Innovation at your fingertips

We are the innovation hub of Health IT.

No matter how good we are at innovating, we recognize that some of the best solutions might come from others. We leverage innovation from both within and outside of our organization to put the best digital tools directly at our providers’ and patients’ fingertips.

Our platform makes it easy to customize, integrate, and improve third-party tools and applications.

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Access for free, scale as needed

Are you curious about whether CharmHealth is right for you? Go ahead and create an account that lets you get started for free. Our support team is here to help you onboard and make best use of our tools and services.

If you are an IT team, we are glad to work with you to customize and integrate CharmHealth to help scale your enterprise.

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Improve Performance: from independent clinics to large enterprise

Whether you are an independent clinic or a large enterprise, you will have access to the exact analytics, billing, and insurance tools you need to grow, and get paid accurately and on time for the services you perform.

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Why CharmHealth?

Charmhealth offers a full suite of services designed to help practices and enterprises run smoothly and efficiently. Our intuitive cloud-based platform lets you get started for free, and to choose only the tools and services that are right for you. Our top-rated EHR is so easy-to-use, that providers can onboard and get started within a few hours.

  • Pay only for what you need

  • Top rated

  • Easy to use