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March 2019


Next Wednesday Webinar Series


Join us on April 10, 2019, Wednesday 12 pm, PST and meet our preferred IT services partner, Scantron Technology Solutions.

You’ll learn how Scantron helps our customers and other physician practices remain compliant, secure, and operational with highly accountable and prompt onsite and remote IT support and services

"They look at the whole environment, not just the wireless network or the PCs....It’s good to know we can make just one call to start diagnosing and resolving any issues.." --Paulina Medical Family Practice, Chicago, IL


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Need to refer a patient to a specialist? The process just got easier.

See how you can streamline the referral process in your practice!

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ChARMALOT "Rejuvenate and Train" events are making history!

Cast your vote for the next location for ChARMALOT 2019!

Which location do you prefer for Charm Health's "Rejuvenate/Train ChARMALOT Conference 2019"?


ChARM Health Engineers have been busy! See the latest releases!

  • Billing- Option to Export Billing Reports as PDF
  • ePrescribing: Rx Change, Rx Fill and Cancel Rx Integrations
  • ChARM New UI: Certified for 30 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs)
  • Partner Integration: Fullscript v2.0 is now integrated
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