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Order Processing

The Practice person needs to log onto ChARM EHR to process the orders. All the orders placed will be listed in EHR > Inventory > Orders tab. The orders can be managed here until they are shipped/dispatched from the store.

The orders can be filtered out based on the status and the order status can be updated from this view.
Ecommerce Orders

Clicking on each order will show the detailed view of the order. The order status can be updated in this view as well.
Change Order Status

When an order is placed for a product, the ordered quantity will be shown as ‘Quantity to be delivered’ in Inventory tab.

Once the order processing is done and the status is marked complete, Quantity to be delivered value will become 0.
Order Quantity

Order Invoice and Receipts

A receipt for the patient payment and an invoice with the list of products ordered will be created in EHR > Billing section. These invoices and receipts can be identified with an icon ‘e-com’ in the list view. The same invoice with payment applied will be automatically shared in PHR and will be available in PHR > Billing.
Ecommerce Invoice

Order Reports

All the orders placed through the store by the patients, will be listed under the Inventory >Reports> E-Commerce Orders section.
Ecommerce Order List

The Order List will have additional information like Invoice number, Receipt Number and Contact information of the Patient, apart from the basic order details.
Ecommerce Reports

The orders can be sorted based on the status and for a specific date range. The list can also be exported in PDF and CSV Formats.

The Practice will process the order by taking out the ordered items from the inventory, pack them and ship them to the shipping address.