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ChARM EHR is a cloud based clinic management solution offered as a SAAS (Software As A Service) platform for small and medium sized clinics, enabling them to access their patient records anytime and anywhere. Ours is a true cloud based system and we manage software availability, delivery, speed, maintenance, upgrades, fluctuating demand, redundancy and backup and new feature additions seamlessly, so that clinics need not worry about hardware or software issues.

System & Browser requirement

To use ChARM, all you need is a web browser. Being a cloud based solution, you can access patient data from any popular browser

Currently ChARM has been tested to work on the following browsers: (Click on the respective link to download or update your browser)

Mobile users can access ChARM from their smartphone's browser.

Sign Up

You can sign up for a fully functional free trial of ChARM EHR at the following URL.

We also work with you to customize your templates according to your practice needs, so that you have a EHR system, that meets your specific needs and work style