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Introduction [WATCH VIDEO]

Smart Navigation allows the user to use natural language commands to get to any functionality in Charm EHR. It helps the users to type (or) dictate the function naturally in the English language that eliminates mouse clicks to navigate to a page or screen. This also reduces the learning curve in new users and saves valuable training time.

Quick access to frequently used functionalities and pending activities provides smart action, further reducing the time.

Smart Tabs allow users to open multiple views by opening them in multiple tabs. Users can switch to any of the opened tabs with ease.

These features can be accessed from the 'Try Smart Navigation' link on the Home page.
Smart Navigation Link

Smart Navigation is envisioned when we could go to a command field and type or say, 'List my appointments for today' or 'Open prescriptions for Mark Smith', and the system would take the Provider to the page without cumbersome mouse clicks.
Smart Navigation Window

Enabling Dictation

Dictation tools can be used to dictate and execute your functions with Smart Navigation. You can either use the Operating System's in-built dictation tool or any other HIPAA-compliant dictation tool. Tools trained with medical vocabulary are preferred for better output quality. When the dictation tool is enabled, you can see a 'mic' icon becoming active and listening to your inputs.
Listening Mic Icon

Windows and Mac OS provide an in-built dictation feature that can be enabled by using the hotkeys/configuration, as mentioned below.

  • Windows 10: Windows Key + H
  • MacOS: Enable dictation in OS-level setting, and press Function(fn) key two times continuously

Sample Commands

Appointments can be booked saying/typing 'make an appointment for <patient> with <provider> on <date> at <time>'
Smart Navigation Command

This action will fill in the details in the 'New Appointment' form. The user can confirm the data and proceed creating the appointment.
New Appointment Window

Below are some of the sample commands that will open appropriate views, making navigation easy. You can use the English natural language like the to open up the view you need.

  • "my visits today" takes to today's calendar list view
  • "new lab order for patient" takes to the new lab order view
  • "pharmacy requests", "unsigned Lab results", "add patient" , "add allergies to patient" , "new medication to patient","balance of a patient", "list patients with due", "Go to settings", etc.

Navigation View Features

The following are the features offered in the Navigation view.

  • Recent search commands will be listed for executing the repeated actions.
  • Automation Completion with 'Tab' button: It provides an auto-complete feature for the pre-defined commands. Say, typing "list presc" will suggest a command in the pattern. Clicking tab will select the suggested command as an auto-completion feature.
    Auto Completion
  • The Smart Tabs feature allows you to open multiple tabs and perform multiple operations in parallel. The Front and back arrows can be used to move to and fro to the tabs.
    Smart Tabs

Action based Dashboard

Smart Navigation comes with an Action-based dashboard. It shows the pending activities widgets based on the user's role. It lists all the activities due for the day in a single view based upon the roles.
Action based Dashboard

From this dashboard, prescribers and others can perform/initiate a few actions based on their privilege like:

  • Starting the encounters for today's appointments
  • Review and sign the unsigned charts
  • Processing the refills requests received from pharmacies (for eRx enabled prescribers)
  • Reviewing and signing the unsigned lab results
  • Reviewing pending tasks and closing them, etc.