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Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging option helps the doctors to send secure messages to their patients and ​​receive messages from the patients electronically in the form of email.

Message Signature

To set the signature to be included in your messages, go to Settings > Message section and click on the 'Signature' option.
Message Signature

Click on the checkbox next to the 'Enable Signature' option which opens up the section to create the signature.
Enable Message Signature

Enter the message for the Signature. You can include links, images, etc. to make it more uesful.  Once you finish, click on 'Save' button to save the changes.

Vacation Reply

You might want to setup Vacation Reply, where you can send an automated message to the sender, when you are not in office. To configure this, go to Settings > Message section and click on 'Vacation Reply' option.

Vacation Reply

Click on the checkbox, next to the 'Enable Vacation Reply' option, which opens up the section to create the signature.
Enable Vacation Reply

You will be prompted to enter the Subject of the message, set the dates during which you will not be in the office, and the Vacation Reply message. Once configured, click on 'Save' button to save the changes. From now on, when you are away on those dates, an automated vacation reply will be sent, when somebody tries to contact you.

Messaging Preferences

You can set the Messaging preferences, where you can configure whether you would like to receive notification mail, receive message from patients, receive questionnaire notifications, etc. Once configured, click on 'Save' to save the changes
My Preference
Message Preference

Sending Secure Message (Compose Message)

To send a secure message to a patient or practice member, click on 'Messages' icon on the ChARM dashboard and click on the 'Compose' button

Type in the Member Name (member of the practice) to whom you need to send the message in the 'Enter Member name' field. If you want to send the message to the patient, choose the name of the patient from the 'Enter patient name' field. Type in the subject and content for the message. Message signature will be added by default, if you had defined it earlier.
Compose Message

Message Attachments

You can attach files to the message by clicking on the 'Attach' option. You can choose the files either from your local drive or from ChARM documents.
Message Attachment

You have the option to Attach files to the message. You just have to click on Attach option on the top of the message and it would ask you if you want to attach file from your local drive or from Charm Documents. You can select the desired option and click choose for selecting the file. Then, the file will be attached to the Message.

Sending Questionnaires

You can pre-appointment questionnaires to patients prior to their appointment, so that they call fill it in before they come for the consultation. To send questionnaires, click on 'Compose > Questionnaire' option
Send Questionnaire

Select the pre-configured questionnaire by selecting the check boxes next to the name of the Questionnaire.  Click on 'Send', to send the questionnaire as a secure message to the patient.  Patients can fill such questionnaire from their patient portal account.