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Instant Messaging

Charm Instant Messaging Solution is a real-time secure chat feature that improves the collaboration with other members in your Practice.


You can chat with anyone in your Practice by searching their name. If required, you can add the members to your contact list.

Follow the steps below to add a member to your contact list.

  1. Go to the 'Contacts' section.
  2. Search the member by name.
  3. Click on the 'Information' (i) icon against the member's name.
  4. Click on the '+ Add to your contacts' option in the member's chat window to add the member to your contact list.
  5. You can also hover over the name of the member and click on the 'Invite Contact' option.
    Invite Contact

The invitees can see the invite on their chat bar and accept it. Once accepted, they will be added to your contact list.


Click on the 'More Options' (...) icon in your Chat Window to configure the settings. You can configure the following Settings in your Chat window.
Chat Settings

  • Remove Chat-bar: Click on the 'Pause Chat here' option under the 'General' settings to pause the Chat. You will not receive any notification until you un-pause the Chat.
  • Sound Notification: Click on the 'New Message' option to receive the Sound notification for new messages.
  • Desktop Notification: Enable the respective options to receive the Desktop notification for One-One chats, Mention, Group Chats & Channels, Bot Messages, and Change of user status.
  • Read receipt: You can enable the 'Read Receipt' option.

Member Status

You can find a member's status (online or offline) on the chat window.
Member Status

  • If the member is online (logged into Charm), they can see your chat message instantly.
  • If the member is offline (not logged into Charm), your chat will be delivered as an offline message that can be viewed by the member when they log into Charm.
  • You can also manually update your status on the chat window, which will be visible to others.
  • To change your status, click on the 'More Options' (...) icon next to your name, and select the 'Change Status' option.
  • Choose a default status message (Available, Busy, and Invisible) or add a new status as required.
  • You can also clear your status by clicking on the 'Clear Status Message' option.
    Change Chat Status

Starting a Chat Session

To initiate a Chat session, use the Chat bar located at the bottom left of your Charm account.

  1. Click on the 'Contacts' icon.
    Start Chat Session
  2. Search and select a member.
  3. Type in the message and press the ENTER key.

You can also use the shortcut key 'Ctrl+Space bar' to invoke the smart chat window from anywhere within Charm.
Smart Chat

File Sharing

In addition to the plain text, the chat window allows you to send image files and documents.

Use the 'Attach File' icon on the bottom left corner of the chat window or drag and drop the file to share it with others.
Share File

Chat History

All your chat conversations get stored automatically. You can view the chat history from the 'Chats' section or the 'Message Search' option under the 'More options'(...) icon. Search the transcripts by member name and content. Click on the 'Continue Chat' option to resume your conversation.
Chat History
Continue Chat

Enlarge, Shrink, & Minimize the Chat Window

  • You can maximize the Chat window by clicking on the 'Enlarge' icon at the top of your Chat window.
  • Use the 'Shrink' icon for the normal window view.
  • Minimize the chat window to the chat bar.
  • You can Close the chat window by clicking on the 'X' icon.
    Enlarge, Shrink and Minimize

Delete Contact

To delete a member from your contact list, select the member and hover over the member's name to view the details. Click on the 'Delete' icon to delete the contact.

The conversation history with the user will be retained and available on Search.

You can still re-invite this user to your Contacts anytime later.
Delete Contact