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ChARM Connect - User Guide

1-on-1 Chat

You can initiate 1-on-1 chat with your practice members from the chat bar located at left-bottom of your ChARM Account. Go to the ‘Contacts’ tab, search for the member with whom you want to communicate and start the conversation.
1-on-1 Chat

Document Sharing

You can securely share documents like X-rays, photos, etc. of patients, with other care team members. To share document, click on the ‘Attachment’ icon on the chat window and select the file to be shared. The file gets instantly shared and accessible to the member. If you are using the mobile, you can instantly take a photograph of the document to be shared and send it.
Share/Attach Documents

Group Chat

Group Chat allows you to chat with more than one member in a conversation. To create a group chat, click on the ‘Smart Chat’ text on the chat bar (or) use the ‘Ctrl+Space’ short-cut key.
Create Group Chat

This opens up the smart chat window which will list all the already created chats, contacts and channels. Click on the ‘Bulb’ icon on the top-right corner of the window to know the syntax to create the group chat.
Smart/Quick Chat

Use the ‘@’ key to select the members to be added to the group chat. Use the ‘#’ key followed by a name to provide a title for the Group Chat.
Add Members to Group Chat

Once the Group Chat is created, you can view the members of the chat by clicking the ‘Participants’ link on the top of the chat window.
Group Chat Participants

At any point of time, you can add new members to the Group Chat, using the ‘+’ key in the chat window and search and add the new member.
Add New Member to Chat

Office Channels

Office Channels help you to streamline all the official communications across your practice. ChARM Connect provides four types of Office Channels, viz.,

Facility Channel

This channel is used for facility wide discussions. All the facility members can access and communicate using this channel. Multiple facility channels can be created based on the topic of discussion. To create the facility channel, follow the steps given below:

  1. Provide a ‘Channel Name’ to the Office Channel.
  2. Select the ‘Channel Type’ as ‘Facility’
  3. Search and Select the facilities to be added to the Facility Channel from the ‘Select Facility(s)’ section.
    Facility Channel

Role Channel

This channel is used for discussion among members of a particular role. For example, you can create a channel for ‘Physician’ role, which is accessible only to the physicians in your practice. To create the role channel, follow the steps given below:

  1. Provide a ‘Channel Name’ to the ‘Role Channel’
  2. Select the ‘Channel Type’ as ‘Role’
  3. Search and Select the roles to be added to the Role Channel from the ‘Select Role(s)’ section.
    Role Channel

Announcement Channel

Announcement Channels are ready only channel used for facility level announcements. Only Admins can post message in this channel and others can only view them.

  1. Provide a ‘Channel Name’ to the ‘Announcement Channel’
  2. Select the ‘Channel Type’ as ‘Announcement’
  3. Search and Select the facilities which should receive the announcements made from the ‘Select Facility’ section.

Note: Please note that only one announcement channel can be created for each facility.
Announcement Channel

Private Channel

In addition to Facility, Role and Announcement channels, you can also create private channels with selected members of your practice. Private Channels are accessible only to the members who are part of that channel.
Private Channel

Patient Channels

ChARM Connect provides you with two types of Patient Channels, viz.,

Internal Patient Channel

Internal Patient Channel allows you to create a dedicated channel for internal discussions about a patient. Practice members with necessary role privileges can access and participate in this channel.

Note: This channel is not accessible to the patients

External Patient Channel

External Patient Channel allows you to create a channel for interacting with patients. You can have the patient and few of your practice members to be part of this channel. Patients can post their questions that can be answered by the members of this channel.

Note: External Patient Channel can be created only for patients having a ‘Patient Portal’ account.

Patients can do a live chat using this channel from their ‘Patient Portal’ account. Patient coordinators get instant notification whenever the patient post messages in this channel. If required, patient coordinators can bring in providers or other practice members to the channel for answering patients.

  1. Choose the ‘Channel Type’ as ‘Internal’ or ‘External’
  2. Search and Choose the patient
  3. Provide a ‘Channel Title’, viz., ‘John Anton Health Channel’
  4. Search and add the ‘Channel Members’ who need to be part of this channel.
    Patient Channel

Contextual Chat

As ChARM Connect platform is tightly integrated with ChARM EHR, it allows you to start contextual conversations within the EHR workflow. For example, a provider can start a conversation about a patient from the Encounter to discuss the clinical procedures to be performed by the Nurse. Similarly, once the patient checks-in, the front office staff can initiate a conversation from the Calendar section, to notify and discuss with the members concerned.

Contextual Chat is also supported from other sections like Tasks, Labs, Images, Documents, etc. The conversations are tied to that context so that whenever you access a record (Encounter, Appointment, Task, etc.) you can view the related conversations as well.
Contextual Chat

External Chat

External Chat allows you to converse with ChARM EHR users outside of your practice. This feature can be used for discussing a patient medical condition when they are referred to other providers outside of the practice, and you need to share the medical records with other practices that use ChARM EHR.

To initiate an external chat, go to the ‘Contacts’ section of the chat bar. Enter the email address of the person with whom you would like to chat and send a chat invitation. Once the other person accepts your invite, you can initiate conversations.
External Chat

Patient Chat History

You can view all the discussion around a patient from Patient ‘Dashboard > Chat History’ section. This section lists down all the conversations that happened in the Patient Channel and all other contextual chats related to that patient.
Chat History

Search Chat History

All the conversations you had with the practice members and patients are searchable. To search through the chat history, click on the ‘…’ icon available on the right-corner of the chat window and click on the ‘Message Search’ option.
Search Chat History Message Search Option

Key-in the word to the searched and press ‘ENTER’. All the previous conversations matching the given keyword are listed. You can view the related message and continue the chat contextually, if required.
Chat Search Results