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ChARM Connect - User Guide


ChARM Connect, is a HIPAA compliant, Secure Healthcare Messaging and Communication Platform for hospitals and clinics.

ChARM Connect helps improve patient outcomes by enabling instant communication with the practice members, thereby reducing unnecessary time spent on reaching out to a person. Install our Mobile Apps on your IOS and Android devices, you are ready for communication instantly.

Unlike other healthcare messaging apps, ChARM Connect platform is integrated with ChARM EHR workflow that allows you to seamlessly retrieve patient records and start a contextual chat with the patient and practice members, without moving out of ChARM.

The key features of ChARM Connect include the following:

  1. 1-on-1 Chat
  2. Group Chat
  3. Audio/Video Calls
  4. Instant File Sharing
  5. Searchable Conversations
  6. Contextual Chats
  7. Patient Channels
  8. Office Channels
  9. Announcement Channels
  10. External Chat, etc.