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Add Task

  1. To add a task, select the ‘Tasks’ icon from the dashboard.
  2. Click on the ‘+ Task’ button on the top right corner
    Add Task
  3. Enter the details of the Task.
  4. Click on the 'Add' button to add the Task.

Selecting the Category

Select the category of the task by selecting the ones from the list of pre-configured categories (or) you can create a new category to be associated with the task.
Task Priority

Type in the name (or) a short note about the task in the ‘Task’ field.

Setting the Owner

Select the Owner of the Task (to whom the Task needs to be assigned) from the ‘Owner’ field. By default, all the members of the Practice will be listed in this field. You can choose your name if the Task applies to you.

Setting the Priority

Select the priority level for the task, viz., Low, Medium, High or Critical.

Patient-Specific Task

The Task can also be set specific to a Patient. For setting the Patient-specific Task, enable the ‘Is Patient Specific’ option. By doing so, it will prompt for the Patient’s name or Record ID. Once you provide the details, it will be set for that specific Patient.
Patient Specific Task

Due date

The Due date of the Task can be set by enabling the ‘Assign due date’ option. You can enter a date before which the Task has to be completed from the ‘Due Date’ field.
Task Reminder

You can also set a reminder for the Task by selecting the respective options to send a reminder mail to you.

Task Status

Once the Task gets completed, you can change the status of the Task. By default, the status of the Task is set to ‘Pending.’

Select the 'More Options' (…) icon against the Task whose status has to be changed. Click on the ‘Mark as Completed’ option when the Task gets completed.
Task Status

Once the Task is added, you can start a conversation with the members through the 'Chat' option against the Task.
Task Chat Option

Enter the Chat Name and Member(s) associated with the Task. You can also have a Private chat by enabling the 'Keep it private' option.
Task Private Chat