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Add Injection Order

To add an injection order to a patient, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to "Patients" tab
  2. Select the patient to go to the patient dashboard
  3. Open a new consultation for the patient
  4. In the "Recommendations" section, select the 'Vaccines/Injections' tab. Click on 'Add > Injection' option. The following popup will be shown.
    Add Injection
  5. Add the name of the injection, its dosage, period, etc. You can also add notes to the nurse or any specific comments to the injection order. Click on "Add" to add the injection order. You can also add the injection from the pre-defined template or from the 'Past Injections' section
    Injection Recommendation

View Injection Orders

To view the injections ordered for the patient, follow the steps given below

  1. Go to 'Rx/Injections' tab, and select 'Injection Orders'.
    Injection Orders
  2. Click on the gear-icon against the patient's injection order and select the 'View' option to view/print the injection order
  3. Once the injection is administered, mark 'Administered' as 'Yes'. Also, key in the other details about the injection, viz., Administered Date, Administered Time, Route, Lot Number, etc. for future reference. Select 'Save'. The injection order will be shown under the status 'Administered'.
    Administer Injection