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Enabling E-Commerce

To start using this feature, the Practice has to enable the E-Commerce settings for once by logging into ChARM EHR under the section Settings > Inventory > E-Commerce Settings.

ChARM provides an option to evaluate this feature with one or two test patient accounts (Evaluation Mode) through which the practice can explore the feature and feel the user experience for the patients while shopping from the Store. In this mode, none of the patients will get to see this feature. Any credit card information can be furnished in Evaluation Mode, as it will not be validated.

If the Practice wishes to enable this feature for all the patients, they can send a mail request to for activating it to their patients.

Configuring Payment Settings

Practice can configure the type of payment. Practice can either allow the patient to place an order with or without making an online payment.

  • Practice can allow the patient to place an order without making payment. Once the order is placed, the practice will have to collect the payment from the patient after shipping.

If the practice wishes to collect payment online, they can enable 'Collect payment online and then allow patients to place order' option. In ChARM, online credit card payment is enabled through Bluefin payment gateway integration. To collect payment online, the practice should enable payments through the Bluefin payment gateway to enable this option.

Payment Settings

Configuring Shipping Details

The practice can furnish the Shipping Details in this section if they are taking care of the shipping of the ordered products.

If the practice wishes to allow the patients to pick ordered products from the store, they can enable “Practice Store Pickup” option. On enabling this option, the patient will get to see a pickup option to select in which case the shipping address will not be taken at the time of order.

The practice can give any specific instructions with respect to the E-Commerce feature in the “Message to display in the PHR Store Page” box provided in General Settings.
PHR Store Message

The Practice also can add standard “Handling Charges” for each order. There is an option to define differential handling charges for Shipping and Pickup as needed. This handling charge is in addition to the Shipping Charges.
Shipping Details
Shipping Charges in PHR

ChARM is integrated with UPS (United Parcel Service) and USPS (United States Postal Service) to calculate the shipping charges of the orders based on order weight, size and the location from where the shipping is done.

If the practice takes care of shipping of orders, they need to furnish Shipping Details like Shipping Services (UPS or USPS) and Store Location (from where the products will be shipped to patients).

When practice selects “UPS/USPS” for shipping, appropriate shipping charges will be calculated and shown to the Patients at the time of placing the order.

If the Practice wants all their orders to go through only UPS or USPS, they can choose to give only those details. When the Practice has its own UPS/USPS account they can enter the account details in the fields provided. If those fields are not filled in, then by default ChARM’s UPS/USPS account will be used to calculate the shipping charges.
USPS Shipping Service

When Practice takes care of shipping of orders, they can configure their own range of shipping charges, based on the total order cost.

Practice can enable multiple shipping methods settings if they support multiple shipping methods and wants to allow the patients to choose the shipping method at the time of placing the order in PHR.
Own Shipping

Configuring Pack and Dimension

The Inventory module of ChARM has E-Commerce feature specific fields like:

  • Number of items in a pack/strip/bottle
  • Dimension of the Pack/Strip/Bottle

which are required to calculate the recommended box size for the ordered products. For UPS/USPS, the shipping charges are calculated based on the parcel box size and shipment address.

No need to enter these details if the practice takes care of the shipping by itself (Own Shipping).
Pack Configuration
Pack Dimension

Configuring Product Listing

The practice can create different categories of products under the groups namely:

  • Supplements
  • Drugs
  • Others

and can choose the product categories in each group, that they prefer to be listed in E-Commerce store.

“Order Beyond Available Quantity” is the default setting, which allows the patients to order any quantity of each product. If the practice wishes to restrict patients to order only up to the available quantity, the practice can disable this option, in which case, the Available Stock Quantity will be shown to the Patients and they can order only within available quantity.
Choose Product Listing
Choose Product

Configuring Order Number Format

The Practice can configure their Order Number Format and save the settings.
Order Number Format

Configuring Product Taxes

If the Practice wishes to add any fixed tax for products, it can be applied while adding/updating the products to inventory. The product tax that is configured in the inventory will automatically be added in the patient order.

Fixed tax amount applicable to each product will be shown in both order and invoice.

If your state law mandates any variable taxes based on the Patient’s address, our current scope of the application doesn’t have the capability to support the same.

Configuring Order Status

When the order is being reviewed, the status will be shown as Processing in the Patient Portal. The Order Status messages can be configured under Order Status section of Inventory. By default, we will have four types of status. The Practice person can select an order and update the status as needed in EHR and the relative status will be shown in PHR to patients.
Configure Order Status

Configuring Discount Coupon

Practices can add discount coupons in EHR and patients can use these coupons at the time of placing orders to get discounts. To enable this, follow the steps given below:

  • Discount and Coupon Codes can be enabled from 'Settings > Inventory > E-Commerce Settings > Discount Settings' option.
  • Select the option 'Yes' for 'We add discount coupons and want users to use Coupon Codes when placing Orders' to enable.
  • To enable discount at product level , select option 'Yes' for 'We offer a discount on individual products. Enable product level discounts' settings.

Discount Settings

Coupon Codes can be added from 'Settings > Inventory > E-Commerce Setting > Coupon Codes' option. A discount coupon can either have a percentage or a fixed amount as discount. Validity, Maximum Allowed Discount, Usage Limit per User, etc. can be set for each discount coupon.
Add Coupon Code
Product Coupon Codes

Configuring Web Link

Once the Practice enables Production mode of this feature, and if they wish to give a direct access to the online store page from their website for the Patients, they can use the link provided in the E-Commerce Store Settings.
Ecommerce Web Link