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Medication Reconciliation

The MIPS eligible clinician performs medication reconciliation for at least one transition of care in which the patient is transitioned into the care of the MIPS eligible clinician.

Denominator: The number of transitions of care or referrals during the performance period for which the MIPS eligible clinician was the recipient of the transition or referral or has never before encountered the patient.

Numerator: The number of transitions of care or referrals in the denominator where medication reconciliation was performed.

ChARM EHR Workflow:

Medication reconciliation should be performed for all the patients that are transitioned to your practice.

Follow the steps below for patients that are referred to you.

  1. Go to Encounter > MU > Referral/Reconciliation section
  2. Choose the option ‘This encounter is based on a Referral or Transition of Care incoming request’
  3. Reconcile patient’s current medications and record them under Patient Dashboard > Medication section.
  4. Reconciliation can be performed manually or if the patient has a CCDA file, you can incorporate the CCDA file and use the built-in reconcile feature to quickly reconcile the medications.
  5. After reconciliation, select the Clinical Reconciliation > Medication option to satisfy this measure.