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CharmHealth Mobile User Guide

Getting Started

What Is Charm mPHR?

The Charm mPHR (Mobile Personal Health Record) application enables users to access and track health records on their smartphones. Patients and their family members can store and manage health records on their handheld Android or iOS devices.

The dynamic mobile interface allows users to:

  • Add and manage health records
  • Engage with the Practice or Provider
  • Share health passports within and outside the Practice.
  • Book in-person, call, and TeleHealth appointments.
  • Request medicine and supplement refills.
  • Track ailments and the treatment's progress.
  • Monitor health vitals and fitness goals.

The online HIPAA-compliant application allow users to share PHI securely on the go.

Note: Users can contact directly for any mPHR related queries.

Disclaimer: The patient details in the user guide images are for reference only. They do not pertain to any individual, living or dead.

Downloading the Application

Users can download and install the Charm mPHR application from the App Store (iOS).
Download mPHR

Portal Quick View

Follow the instructions on this PHR user guide to have your PHR account up and running in no time.

  1. The Login to mPHR section helps you log in and set up your mPHR user account.
  2. The Home Page View section displays the contents of the Menu bar, announcement, health passport, and profile tabs.
  3. The Personal Clinical Records segment gives a brief introduction to the mPHR Dashboard, My Health, and More tabs.
  4. The Prescriptions, Lab Results, and Visit Summary sections display Practice updates available on your clinical record.
  5. The Wellness, Documents, Allergies, Immunization, and Insurance sections allow you to add and edit medical data for personal or practice reference.
  6. You can communicate with your Practice or Provider through the Appointments, Messages, Flowsheets, and Questionnaire sections.
  7. Find out how to make payments and view your past receipts under the Billing section.

Login to mPHR

Signup into your Charm PHR account using a browser. Then follow these steps to log in to the application:

  • Tap on the 'Login' button
  • Enter your PHR account 'Username' and 'Password'.
  • Create a five-digit lock screen PIN (You will need this PIN to open the application henceforth).
  • Re-enter the lock screen PIN to confirm the same.

Users having no linked family members will land on the home page directly. Other users need to select a member to proceed further.
Members List

In the case of network or server timeout issues, tap on the pop-up 'Retry' button to continue from where you left.

Note: If you forgot the old PIN, tap on the 'Log out' option on the application lock screen to set a new login PIN.

Home Page View

The mPHR home page displays the 'Profile' icon, the selected member name, and the 'Announcements' icon on the top.

  • Profile
  • Health Passport
  • Announcements

mPHR Dashboard


The Profile section displays basic patient details, linked member details, your Health Passport, Demographics, and Log-out options.

You can select a member profile to switch between accounts. The Demographics section allows changing personal details like name, address, contact information, and caregiver information.

Remember that any profile changes here will not reflect on the Practice recorded data.

Health Passport

The mPHR application stores your entire clinical summary within your Health Card. You can access and share your Health Card with Providers and others directly from the Health Passport section.

  • Health Card
  • Share Health Passport
  • Access Health Passport

Health Passport

Health Card

The Health Card displays the patient's name, gender, date of birth, blood group, address, personal, and caregiver contact information, in addition to the Health URL.

Patients can carry a hard copy of their health cards to help first responders and providers access crucial medical data during emergencies.

This feature particularly helps when the Patient is unable to communicate their medical condition.
Health Card
Health Card

Providers can access the URL ID or QR code using the passcode available here to view the patient's clinical history.

Share Health Passport

You can share your health passport with members within and outside the Practice using the mPHR application.

The PDF version allows recipients to view shared patient information, while sharing URL allows recipients to view live updates for a particular period.

  1. Tap on the Share icon against the URL (or), tap on the View PDF option and then tap on the Share icon.
  2. Select an application for sharing like Whatsapp, Mail, Message, etc.
  3. Choose the recipient(s) and send.

Access Health Passport

The recipients can view and download the shared PDF copy directly. In the case of URLs, recipients need an OTP or a passcode to access the file.
Access Health Passport

Share the OTP received on your phone whenever the recipient accesses your health passport. Tap on the View Passcode option to know your passcode.

Note: The URL expires after a period of ten days.


This section displays the latest Practice announcements in order. Select an announcement entry to view its details. Tap the 'Back Button' icon to go to the home page.

Personal Clinical Records

You can manage all your clinical records using the various application sections. The mPHR application has Multi-Practice Support.

Thus, you can view your entire medical data from all your Practices together. The About section in the More tab displays the registered Practices and Providers for reference.

The taskbar on the bottom consists of three tabs that enable you to track and manage your clinical data:

  1. Dashboard
  2. My Health
  3. More



The 'Dashboard' tab displays the basic health metrics, Practice communications, and other frequently used sections like:

  • Today's Appointments
  • Recent Messages
  • Shared Questionnaires
  • Active Invoices
  • Active Medications


You can tap on each section to view, edit or delete the respective data. The page gives a glimpse of the latest Practice communications ensuring you don't miss out on any. You will also receive email notifications on new updates from the Practice.

My Health

The 'My Health' tab displays various Practice Communication and Personal sections related to your health.

You can tap on each section to manage your Prescriptions, Lab Results, Visit Summary, Procedures, Wellness, Documents, Allergies, Immunizations, and Insurance.
My Health


The 'More' tab displays the patient's Health Card, Appointments, Messages, Billing, Flowsheets, Questionnaires, Useful Info, and About sections.
mPHR More View

Note: The Practice cannot add or edit this section.


The 'Prescriptions' section displays the details of all the drugs you are on and allows you to track and manage the medicines/supplements you consume.

The dosage and other details help your provider make an informed decision on the treatments. You can track drugs and make refill requests directly through the application.

The application displays active drugs by default. Taping on the 'Active' option under 'Filtered by' displays the filter list. You can choose 'Inactive' or 'All' here to filter your drugs.
Medications List

Tap on the 'Arrow' icon against each drug to view further drug details like name, dosage, consumption methods, remaining refills, dispensed quantity, Provider, and Practice name.
Medication View Request Refills

Patient-added drugs have an 'Edit' icon on the top. Physician-added drugs either have no icon or have a 'Request Refill' button.

Add Medications

  • Tap on the '+' icon under the Medications tab.
  • Enter the required fields
  • Tap on the 'Done' button.

The 'Reason for Taking' drop-down list displays conditions added in the 'Problem List' section on the web version.
Add Medication Reason for Taking

Request Refills

  • Tap on the 'Refill' button
  • Enter your refill request reason.
  • Tap on the 'Refill' option.

Request Refills

Note: Follow the same steps under the Supplements tab to add or refill supplements.

Lab Results

The Lab Results section displays lab results you and your Practice upload in the web version.
Lab Results

The application detects Normal and Abnormal values based on the limits your Practice sets. Tap on each result to view the result details and a full report.
Lab Results View

You can seek medical help immediately on abnormal results through the application.

Visit Summary

The Visit Summary displays shared medical summaries from past visits. You can view each visit in detail by taping on the visit entry.

The visit summary displays your appointment date, diagnoses, health updates, and physician recommendations (if any).
Visit Summary

This section is updated automatically when the Practice shares your visit summary after an appointment.

It contains details regarding your diagnosis, prescribed medications, supplements, and any Provider recommendations.


This section displays all your past procedures in order of occurrence. Filling in your procedure details updates your health passport automatically.

You can share it prior visit to enable your provider to decide on a suitable treatment flow. Tap on any entry to edit or follow the below steps to add new entries:

  1. Tap on the '+' icon
  2. Enter the procedure details
  3. Tap on the 'Done' button.

Add Procedure

Note: Only the patient can add or edit entries in this section.


The Wellness section displays the default health vitals and fitness metrics like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Calories Burned, Water Consumed, Sleep, etc.

You can tap on each metric to view past entries. Updating the wellness metrics allows you to track and manage your health and fitness goals.

WellnessBlood Pressure

Apart from that, you can also seek immediate medical attention in case of fluctuating vitals. You can add new entries using the floating '+' icon within each metric.


The Documents section keeps a shareable record of your clinical data that helps you add and manage medical documents securely.

It allows you to carry all the important medical files you may need during a visit on your mobile. The 'All', 'Shared by Me', and 'Shared with Me' folders allow you to filter documents available within the mPHR application.
Shared Documents Documents

You can tap on the 'Folder' icon to create a new folder. The '+' icon allows you to upload new documents.

Note: The Shared with Me and Shared by Me are default folders.


The Allergies section displays an allergy's first observed date, allergen name, and severity. Providers viewing your health passport can use this data while prescribing medicines, supplements, or treatment.

The Active tab shows allergies you and your Practice add. The Inactive tab shows allergies marked inactive by your Practice. You can tap on the '+' icon to add new allergies and view resolved allergies in the web version.


The Immunizations section displays immunity vaccines and injections the patient has received. Updating this section allows providers to eliminate diseases they are immune to during a diagnosis. Additionally, they can also decide on suggesting further vaccines or injections.

The Practice and the Patient can add or edit their respective entries in this section. Tap on the 'Arrow' to view further details. The '+' icon or 'Edit' option allows you to add or edit your entries.


You can use this section to access your insurance plan details and validity on your mobile. Patients can add new insurance details using the floating '+' icon. Taping on each entry allows you to edit the fields within.


The mPHR application allows you to book appointments directly from your mobile. You can also receive reminders, fill in questionnaires, and share clinical data ahead of a visit using the application.

The section displays all your upcoming, requested, wait-listed, denied, and past appointments list.

Book an Appointment

You can go to the 'More' tab and select the 'Appointments' section to schedule appointments directly from the application.

Tap on the '+' icon to create a new appointment. The appointment page can display or hide provider slot availability based on the Practice settings. Follow the steps below to continue booking an appointment either way.

(A) Provider Availability Enabled

  1. Select the 'Practice' and 'Provider' name
  2. Choose the 'Visit Type' (if any).
  3. Pick an available date and time. (A small dot denotes dates with slot availability).
  4. Choose an 'Appointment Type' (if any).
  5. Enter the 'Reason for Appointment' and tap on the 'Done' button.

Request AppointmentRequest Appointment

Practices can enable their PHR settings to allow patients to send appointment requests only. Thus, slot availability does not guarantee an appointment unless you receive a confirmation mail.

Practices can also enable prepaid appointments for confirmed appointments. In such cases, patients can make a payment through the mobile application itself.
Make Payment

Additionally, you can wait-list yourself during slot unavailability if the Practice has enabled it.

  1. Choose an unavailable slot.
  2. Select the 'Add wait list' checkbox.
  3. Enter the 'Reason for Appointment' and tap on the 'Done' button.

Request Appointment

(B) Provider Availability Disabled

  1. Tap on the '+' icon
  2. Select the 'Practice' and 'Provider' name
  3. You can either go with 'Any Date' and 'Any Time' or, tap on the drop-down box to add your preference.
  4. Choose an 'Appointment Type'
  5. Enter the 'Reason for Appointment' and tap on the 'Done' button.

Request Appointment

In the case of video consultation, patients can access the appointment link without any meeting passcode using the application.

You will receive notifications on appointment updates through appropriate communication modes.

Note: Fields marked with red asterisks are compulsory.

Alternatively, you can start booking an appointment by:

  1. Taping on the 'Book Appointment' option on the Home Page.
    Book Appointment Option
  2. Taping on the 'Book Now' button under the Upcoming Appointments section in the Dashboard tab.
    Dashboard View

Note: This option is available only if there are no upcoming appointments.


The secure two-way messaging feature enables effective communication between you and your Practice.

The application section allows you to share data through text and attachments. The Inbox and Sent tabs display received and sent messages in the date order.

There are two ways to compose a message:

  1. Tap on the 'Compose Message' option on the Home Page. (or)
    Compose Message Option
  2. Tap on the 'Compose' option on the Messages section in the More tab.

Once the compose message screen appears, you can follow the below steps to send texts or attachments.

  1. Select or enter the recipient's mail address
  2. Enter the message subject
  3. Fill in the message. (Default character limit: 1000, Practices can set a customized limit).
  4. Tap on the 'Attachments' icon to include documents.
  5. Tap on the 'Send' option.

Compose MessageMessage View


  • You can select any message in the Dashboard tab or Messages section to reply.
  • Tap on the reply 'Arrow' icon to select the Reply All or Forward options.

Note: Recipient mail address and email subject are auto-filled while you are composing reply messages.


The Questionnaire section displays all the Practice shared questionnaires and consent forms in order. Pre-appointment questionnaires inform providers about the patient's health status ahead of a visit.

The section displays the submission status (New, Draft, or Submitted) against each entry for reference.

You can also edit and resubmit submitted questionnaires in the Current tab (if your Practice hasn't reconciled it).

Fill in Pre-appointment Questionnaires

These questionnaires give your physician a fair idea about you and your clinical history before a visit.

  • Choose the questionnaire from the Dashboard or Questionnaires section.
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Tap on the 'Save' button to continue later
  • Tap on the 'Submit' button.

Consent Form

The application moves the questionnaires to the Past tab when the Practice reconciles it or after the consultation begins. The questionnaires under this tab are for viewing only.


Your Provider may require you to update these flowsheets regularly to track your health or condition. You can access and update Practice flowsheets in this section easily.

FlowsheetsFlowsheets View

Tap on each flowsheet entry to view or edit your updates. The '+' icon allows you to add new observations.

Note: A warning message pops up while saving flowsheets if the values entered are highly abnormal compared to other metrics.


The Billing section displays all your Practice invoices and receipts under the respective tabs. Tap on any invoice in the Invoice tab or bill receipt in the Receipt tab to view a detailed statement.

You can view your receipt in the Receipts tab soon after your Practice receives the payment. Additionally, receipts for payments made at the Practice are also available here.

Make an Online Payment

If the Practice has enabled online payments, follow the below steps to make payment using the application:

  1. Select an invoice
  2. Tap on the 'Pay' button
  3. Enter your card details and make your payment.

Invoice Details

The 'Useful Info' and 'About' sections display any additional information the Practice or Provider updates.