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Change Password

Charm uses a well-known security standard to securely store your account password, that employs a strong hashing function. However, changing your account Password regularly and using strong Passwords are good security practices. To change your account Password, follow the steps given below.

  1. Sign in to your Charm account and click on the 'Security' tab.
  2. Under the 'Password' section, click on the 'Change Password' button.
  3. Enter your Current Password and New Password.
    Change Password
  4. Re-enter your new Password and click on the 'Change Password' button.

When you change your Password, you can keep your account more secure by terminating all your web browser, mobile sessions and removing all active API auth tokens.

Follow the guidelines below for creating a strong Password:

  • Password cannot be the same as your username.
  • Password length should not be less than 8 characters.
  • Password length should not be more than 250 characters.
  • Password should contain at least one special character, one numeric character, both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Password should not be the same as your last password.