Case Studies

Charm TeleHealth played huge role in Pain Management and Palliative Care

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal SageMED Intelligent Healthcare

What exactly did you like most about ChARM Telehealth?

I have been using Charm TeleHealth for 5 months. I am really happy with the latest release of Charm Telehealth platform. It is encrypted.... It meets the standard... I especially like that I can click on the TeleHealth link directly from my EHR. It is very easy to get into the session. My associates use it on various platforms such as mobile and tablet, without any difficulty.

If you were to recommend Charm TeleHealth to another doctor, what would you say?

ChARM Health has a well integrated TeleHealth platform that uses Zoom... a great video conferencing software.

What made you choose Charm TeleHealth over anything else you could have done?

Charm TeleHealth was chosen by the Director of SageMed. We migrated from a prior EMR and transitioned to Charm. Charm TeleHealth was brought about to meet the needs of the patient. Here in Washington, many patients live on islands... Patients need to travel to our clinic from large distances. We have patients all over the state and TeleHealth makes it easy to see them. We also use Charm TeleHealth for education sessions.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about Charm TeleHealth?

Videos and audio sync beautifully. It is clean; up to date; slick...It isn't clunky and doesn't freeze....

What do you like about Charm Health as whole integrated product?

The EMR has everything working as advertised. It is smooth and efficient. I get good support. I appreciate the quick attention to our inquiries and our tech needs.