CharmTelehealth - Quick Start Guide

CharmTelehealth is a HIPAA compliant end-to-end Telehealth solution for your practice. It is a cloud based integrated solution that neatly packages TeleHealth, EHR, Practice Management, Video Charting, Patient Portal and Payment processing all in one platform.

5 Steps for Getting Started with CharmTelehealth

Step 1:

If you are new to Charm, signup for an account using the URL given below:

Step 2:

Login to your Charm account. From the dashboard, click on the 'Plug' icon to go to the 'Add-Ons' section
TeleHealth Addon Icon

Click on 'Enable Now' for the Telehealth option

Enable TeleHealth

Read and accept the Terms of Service and click on 'Subscribe'

TeleHealth Terms of Service

Step 3:

If you are a Medical Practitioner certified by the State Medical Boards, enter your State License Number and upload the related document

TeleHealth State Medical License

Step 4:

If you are not a Medical Practitioner, choose your job title and upload the related certificate.

TeleHealth for Non Medical Practitioner

Step 5:

If there is an existing card on file in your Charm account, it will be used for Telehealth subscription. If not, provide the card details.

TeleHealth Payment Details

This completes the CharmTelehealth registration process. Your request will be processed within a maximum of 12 hours and you will get an email notification once Telehealth service is enabled for your account.