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  • Improve Revenue Performance of your clients
  • Manage insurance related documentation better
  • State-of-the-art Reporting Dashboards
  • Realtime Collaboration and Communication
  • Inteligent and Adaptive rules engine


  • Web Portal and Mobile Apps
  • Reduced A/R days
  • Better Tracking of Claims Status
  • Secure Messaging Service
  • ICD-10 Ready


Medical Billing Mobile Dashboard


  • Dashboard View

    Provides a view of claims, collections, receivables and denials with average turnaround times. Drill down reports help you track finer details of claims

    Medical Billing Dashboard
  • Claim Submission

    Submit claims electronically to payers and track claim status in realtime. You can also create tasks against claims to manage them

    Medical Insurance Claim Submission
  • Electronic Remittance Advice

    Schedule and automate downloading of ERAs. Create rules to map EOBs with claims, apply payments to EOBs, etc.

    Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Mobile App for your clients

    Provide your RCM App to your client, so that they can check out claim status in real time. Drill down view to know more about collections, receivables, etc

    Medical Billing Mobile App
  • RCM Service Reports

    Generate RCM Service Invoice reports for the RCM services rendered for your clients. Compute the RCM service charge as the percentage of the collection amount

    RCM Service Reports
  • Secure Messages

    Send secure messages to your clients and exchange patient documents needed for claim reimbursement

    Secure Messages
  • e-Fax Support

    Submit your claims by fax to the payers

    Electronic Fax Support
  • Member Activity Reports

    Track work done by your billing team members for efficient project management

    Member Activity Report
  • Member Privileges

    Assign privileges to your billing team members to allow access to specific portions of the billing platform

    Member Privileges
  • Tasks

    Create and manage tasks for self and others. Helps you to prioritize your work with the accounts you are managing

    Task Management