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August 2018


ChARMALOT: Train & Rejuvenate 2018*!

ChARM Health’s One and Only Annual Conference

Friday to Sunday - December 7-9, 2018

*We received such rave reviews from our attendees last year at ChARMALOT 2017, we decided to do it all over again--except better!

Set less than 90 minutes from Los Angeles, San Diego or Orange County and about an hour’s drive from Ontario Airport, the ChARMALOT Conference 2018 is at the pristine UCLA Arrowhead Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead.

A conference center rated as the “Best Training and Development Center in North America”, we’ve chosen this venue to create a unique rejuvenating experience and training for our customers. We hope you can make it to this one of a kind training opportunity. This is our one and only training conference for 2018!

We’ve been busy…

One of the best things about ChARM Health is that we are continually working to make the system more efficient and better for practices based on feedback from you. This past year we have been working hard on major enhancements to billing, e-prescribing, e-commerce abilities, extra conveniences in calendar and much, much more.

What is planned?

Day 1: Arrive by Friday late afternoon and grab some tea and relax. You are in inspiration zone. Beware! You may start contemplating the meaning of life!

While we engage in our popular one-to-one Q/A sessions with our seasoned users, beginners get basic level training from ChARM Health technicians to jump start their practice. Meet some of our partners who maybe able to provide insights for your practice. Later, settle in for the night and wind down. Reflect on your busy week. Be ChARMed by Wynell Montgomery, master solo woodwind instrumentalist, as you get to know our ChARM Health developers and ChARM Health staffers on a first name basis.

Day 2: Saturday, get your pen and paper out to take notes as the ChARM Techies dive right into the latest of ChARM’s offerings. With so many enhancements to ChARM Health, you’ll find yourself part of a great secret-- ChARM Health has all frills and features of a more expensive EHR provider. (except with way more affordability-- Shhhh!!)

After a refreshing mid-afternoon hike to Lake Arrowhead, deepen your insights by immersing yourself in a captivating panel discussion with 3-4 experts on variety of topics such as elevating your practice management and strategies for optimizing patient outcomes.

By night-- you’ve worked hard. It is social hour. Wind down. Grab a drink and take a chance at Blackjack, Craps, or Russian Roulette. You may be just be the night’s top winner.

Day 3: As the sun rises Sunday morning, opt for a reviving morning Yoga class. After breakfast, take more notes and participate in one-on-one sessions for your practice specific questions. Take some time to speak with our partners, and see how they may take your practice to the next level. Finally after a farewell luncheon, we’ll bid adieu till next year!

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“Spread Your Wings” Sponsorship Program

Sponsor the ChARM Health 2018 Conference !

Coming to the ChARMALOT Conference is one of the best opportunities to create a strong connection between ChARM Health and your company’s offering.  Showcase your product/service to our attendees during all three days of our conference.  We have practices that are just starting out to ChARM Health power users.  Sponsor $1500 and above and showcase your product in your own space. You’ll be given a large table within the conference room and have access to the attendees throughout the three days.  Our highest level sponsors,  Sapphires and Lorikeets, get to be a “Spotlight Sponsor” with the opportunity to get a social-media linked article published in our Monthly Newsletter.  “Lorikeet” Sponsors benefit with a private room during the Conference for themselves on Saturday or Sunday.

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Great Reviews for our Latest Endeavor:

ChARM on the Road

Our mission is see your practice up and running. We believe interacting face to face with our new practices is one of the best ways to help you succeed. Last June, we set out to Seattle and this July we headed to Florida, the Sunshine State.

Thank you to all the attendees for coming and meeting us! We are overwhelmed by your positive response to our trainings.

Our last venture here in Orlando, Florida, for “ChARM on the Road” once again received outstanding applause. “The trainers were very, very patient!” praised Jae from Harbor Health Holistic Healing. Another attendee said, “I am able to use what I learned… all training was very valuable!” Attendees were left feeling motivated to get back to their practices and utilize their new knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you at our next “ChARM on the Road” in Washington DC on 22nd September.

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A Testimonial on ChARM Telehealth

ChARM Telehealth has been gaining popularity among our doctors in the recent years. For Dr. Sunil Aggarwal M.D., Ph.D. of SageMed, ChARM Telehealth is a vital ingredient in his practice. In a recent interview in May 2018, Dr. Aggarwal shares his experience.

What exactly did you like most about ChARM Telehealth?

I have been using ChARM Telehealth for 5 months. I am really happy with the latest release of ChARM Telehealth platform. It is encrypted.... It meets the standard... I especially like that I can click on the Telehealth link directly from my EHR. It is very easy to get into the session. My associates use it on various platforms such as mobile and tablet without any difficulty.

If you were to recommend ChARM Telehealth to another Doctor, what would you say?

ChARM Health has a well integrated Telehealth platform that uses zoom... a great video conferencing software.

What made you choose ChARM Telehealth over anything else you could have done?

ChARM was chosen by the Director of SageMed. We migrated from a prior EMR and transitioned to ChARM…. ChARM Telehealth was brought about to meet the needs of the patient. Here in Washington, many patients live on islands… Patients need to travel to our clinic from large distances. We have patients all over the state and Telehealth makes it easy to see them. We also use ChARM Telehealth for education sessions.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about ChARM Telehealth? 

Videos and audio sync beautifully. It is clean; up to date; slick...It isn’t clunky and doesn’t freeze…

What do you like about ChARM Health as whole integrated product?

The EMR has everything working as advertised. It is smooth and efficient. I get good support. I appreciate the quick attention to our inquiries and our tech needs.