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Modified Stage 2

Send Prescriptions Electronically (eRx)

More than 50 percent of permissible prescriptions written by the EP are queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically using CEHRT.

Denominator: Number of permissible prescriptions written during the EHR reporting period for drugs requiring a prescription in order to be dispensed.

Numerator: The number of prescriptions in the denominator generated, queried for a drug formulary, and transmitted electronically using CEHRT.

ChARM EHR Workflow:

Providers should have eRx and Drug Formulary add-ons enabled and transmit the prescriptions electronically (instead of using Paper Rx) to patient’s preferred pharmacies to satisfy this measure.

Procedure to enable eRx :

  1. Go to Settings > Encounter > eRx section.
  2. Click on the Action icon next to the provider and Enable eRx.
  3. Follow the instructions provided in the eRx Setup page and upload the requested documents.

Procedure to enable Drug Formulary:

Once the eRx is enabled for your account, send a request to to enable drug formulary for your account.